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Sailboat metaphor

Update January 2020: The sailboat metaphor discussed by Dr. Hugo Alberts in the video below has become our main coaching framework here at PositivePsychology.com.

This metaphor forms the backbone of our online masterclass series available here and, from the feedback we’ve heard, seems to be extremely helpful to practitioners and educators alike.

Click on the link to download The Sailboat Metaphor (PDF).

We are proud to announce the release of our 100th tool in the Positive Psychology Practitioner’s Toolkit! After introducing the toolkit in 2016, we have continually updated it and have now created a total of 400+ tools. Many new tools have been planned for future updates, so we’ll continue to build our database and offer our users a premium selection of hands-on tools.

In order to celebrate this milestone, we would like to share the 100th tool with all visitors of PositivePsychology.com. This tool was developed to enhance the understanding of human complexity from a positive psychology perspective.

Watch the instructional video below

In case you would like more positive psychology exercises like this one, you can access it by signing up for the Positive Psychology Toolkit©. It is already being used by 2,500-plus practitioners and teachers around the world.

We hope you enjoy this new tool and that it will help increase the wellbeing of the people around you and yourself.

All the best,

Hugo Alberts & Seph Fontane Pennock


What our readers think

  1. Lisa

    This is a fantastic tool. I used this for a support group I facilitated recently. Each week a different component was discussed. Thank you for sharing your work!

  2. Karen Zelano

    Love this! How can I get the pdf?

    • Nicole Celestine, Ph.D.

      Hi Karen,

      Glad you like the metaphor! You can view the PDF here: Sailboat Metaphor

      – Nicole | Community Manager

  3. kerry king

    good information


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