Emotional Intelligence

Here you will find all our articles that deal with the role of emotions in mental well-being. Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability to monitor and distinguish between your own emotions and those of others and label these emotions correctly.

What Is Emotional Awareness? 6 Worksheets to Develop EI

Emotional Awareness

Many argue that emotional intelligence (EI) is more important than traditional intelligence, boosting academic and career success, leadership skills, and mental and physical wellbeing (Larsen, Buss, Wismeijer, & Song, 2017). Made popular by Daniel Goleman’s (1995) bestseller more than 25 years ago, EI combines the awareness of our emotions with […]

Positive Intelligence: How to Overcome Saboteurs in Coaching

Positive Intelligence

Positive intelligence has become a popular term in the executive coaching world. It is the new ‘intelligence’ of this decade, just as emotional intelligence was in the last decade and cognitive intelligence was in the decade before that. Positive intelligence indicates how your mind acts in your best interest, and […]

Cultivating Social Intelligence: 3 Ways to Understand Others

Cultivating social intelligence

Have you ever noticed how some people can effortlessly talk to anyone they meet, no matter how divergent their backgrounds? Or have you seen that one person who always offends someone, no matter the topic of conversation? These two scenarios depict how we can differ in our abilities to interact, […]

Assessing Emotional Intelligence: 19 Valuable Scales and PDFs

Each of us has that special friend who seems to have more insight into their feelings, a better understanding of other people’s emotions, and an incredible knack for handling potentially emotionally volatile situations with a seemingly magical touch. What makes this person so good at these situations? What is it […]

15 Most Valuable Emotional Intelligence TED Talks on YouTube

Emotional intelligence gets a lot of attention in the field of leadership research, and it is drawing increasing attention from many other fields as well. By increasing empathy and compassion through accurate awareness and acceptance of emotions, real widespread change can be ignited. Since TED talks appeared in 1984, inspirational […]

40 Emotional Intelligence Quotes & Do They Ring True?

emotional intelligence quotes

Intelligence is a multifaceted concept. Distinguished intelligence researcher Howard Gardner (1999) knew this when he proposed his theory of multiple intelligences. Many researchers and philosophers concur that intelligence has many components, including emotions. Moreover, the emotional side of intelligence (i.e., emotional intelligence, or EI) is generally believed to matter at […]

25 Sharp Emotional Intelligence Interview Questions

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who would say they love attending interviews. No matter who you are or how experienced you might be, interviews tend to send a few nerves rumbling. It’s not so much the interview itself as the unexpected questions we might be asked that tends to […]

50 Practical Examples of High Emotional Intelligence

A person who is in touch with his or her feelings will have a stronger chance of effectively leading those he or she is responsible for leading. Emotional intelligence (EI) or Emotional Quotient (EQ) is a type of social intelligence that involves the ability to manage and monitor one’s own […]

Emotional Intelligence in Relationships (+Activities for Couples)

As our society evolves, we are becoming more sophisticated and efficient in a number of ways; more informed, more educated, and ‘smarter’. We measure success in numbers and prize those who can outshine others. And yet, something fundamental to social relations has been lost. The current mental health crisis has […]

Emotional Intelligence Frameworks, Charts, Diagrams & Graphs

Emotional intelligence, otherwise known as EQ, helps us better understand what motivates others. It also helps us work more cooperatively with others. The more skillful you are at discerning the feelings behind others’ signals the better you will be able to control the signals you send back to them. As […]

Goleman And Other Key Names in Emotional Intelligence Research

Emotional intelligence is essential when it comes to building a well-balanced life. According to the World Economic Forum, emotional intelligence was ranked as of the top 10 most important workplace skills, when it comes to what workers will need in order to be successful in 2020. Emotional intelligence is a […]

Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Teens and Students

Emotional Intelligence is highly important in a teen’s development. There is considerable evidence pointing to its positive role in helping students deal with stress, develop relationships, and handle the transitions facing them. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or a student yourself, you’ve probably become well aware of how it’s been […]

Is Emotional Intelligence Relevant for Kids? (Games, Cartoons + Toys)

What's the best way to teach Emotional Intelligence to kids? How can we help them develop self-awareness and empathy? And, how can we help them relate better to others? The answers will depend on a number of factors, not least a child’s age and whether you’re their parent or teacher. […]

How To Improve Emotional Intelligence Through Training

Have you ever noticed your feelings? How often have you stepped into others’ shoes and experienced their emotions? How well do you understand what you feel and why you feel so? Emotional Intelligence is our mind’s ability to perceive, manage, and express emotions effectively in real life. Jack Mayer and […]

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Do you recognize the emotion you are feeling? Can you manage those feelings without allowing them to swamp you? Can you motivate yourself to get jobs done? Do you sense the emotions of others and respond effectively? If you answered yes to these questions, it is likely that you have […]

13 Emotional Intelligence Activities & Exercises

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that we’ve devoted considerable attention to emotional intelligence. This isn’t an accident—our focus on the subject reflects its importance in the positive psychology literature and the value of a culture of emotional intelligence (EI). This piece offers a useful next step for […]

17 Emotional Intelligence Tests and Assessments

Perhaps you may have heard that what is even more important than a person’s ‘IQ’ is their ‘EQ’, or emotional intelligence, and are interested in learning more. Broadly speaking, emotional intelligence involves the capacity to understand and manage emotion. Yet, can this be measured? IQ tests are well-known assessments of […]

The Theories of Emotional Intelligence Explained

Emotional Intelligence, or, what is commonly referred to as EQ has been claimed to be the key to success in life! Despite the fact that theories of emotional intelligence only really came about in 1990, much has been written about this topic since then. It has been argued by some […]

Emotional Intelligence Skills and How to Develop Them

While it’s only become a more popular buzzword in the past decade, the concept of Emotional Intelligence skills has been around for at least 25 years. Whether you know it as Emotional Quotient (EQ), Emotional Intelligence (EI), or you’re more familiar with the idea of ‘soft skills’ more broadly, EI […]

69 Exercises For Leading With Emotional Intelligence

We’ve already talked about emotional intelligence in other pieces on this website, and we’ve even explored the topic in the context of the workplace. In this piece, we’ll describe the concept of leading with emotional intelligence and go over what it looks like, how the topic evolved to where it […]

26 Best Emotional Intelligence Books (Reviews + Summaries)

Emotional Intelligence plays a huge intangible role in helping us understand and manage emotions. We have covered the topic from several different angles already, but if you are keen to read more on EI, look no further than this blog. The manifold applications of Emotional Intelligence range from organizational situations […]

How to Improve Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

If you've heard a lot about emotional intelligence but you're not sure what the hype is, or if you know what it is but doesn't see how it really applies in the workplace, you've come to the right place. In this piece, we'll define emotional intelligence in the context of […]

What is Emotional Intelligence? +23 Ways To Improve It

What is emotional intelligence

We all have days when emotions get the better of us. Passion can cloud our judgment, fear can tyrannize our decisions, and resentment can lead us to do things we regret. But although emotionality has historically been portrayed as the fiery and foolish nemesis of reason and rationality, emotions are […]

The Emotion Wheel: What It Is and How to Use It [+PDF]

Can you guess how many emotions a human can experience? It’s around 34,000. With so many emotions, how can one navigate the turbulent waters of feelings, without getting lost? The answer: with an emotion wheel. Through years of studying emotions, American psychologist Dr. Robert Plutchik proposed that there are eight […]

How Mindfulness Can Grow Emotional Intelligence

One cannot be emotionally intelligent without mindfulness of one's emotions. Without consistent emotional intelligence, happiness is a mirage in the desert, seen but never reached. Like many skillsets, emotional intelligence (EI) can be cultivated. In the same way that intellectual intelligence is manifested through reading and learning, emotional intelligence can be […]