Positive Education

Positive education is an emerging branch of positive psychology. The aim is to integrate positive psychological practices into the educational system to enhance both learning and well-being at the same time.

A Look at Educational Coaching in the Classroom

Educational Coaching

Change is known to be a gradual and often difficult process for teachers. When asked what teachers hope to gain from professional development, they prefer specific, concrete, and practical ideas, directly relating to their classroom’s day-to-day operation (Guskey, 2002). Instructional coaching, specifically educational coaching in the classroom, aims to enhance […]

12 Positive Psychology Coaching Certification and Training Programs

The professional world of coaching has exploded in the last few years. Now more than ever, people are seeing the benefits of seeking out the right levels of support to help them fulfill their personal and professional goals. Coaches are a big part of that, and no matter what your […]

What is Positive Education, and How Can We Apply It? (+PDF)

All parents want the best for their children. They want their children to be happy and to flourish. They want them to live out their dreams and reach their innate potential. The challenge, however, is finding the right education model. One that doesn't stifle their potential nor produce cookie-cutter pupils. […]

The Importance of Child Mental Health and Happiness

Being a child in today's world is in some respects far more challenging than years before. Many children find themselves having to navigate an ever-increasing and demanding education system. This combined with 24/7 news cycles and keeping up with social media can contribute to feelings of anxiety and unhappiness. Teachers […]

39 Communication Games and Activities for Kids, Teens, and Students

Our world is in a communication crisis. Kids spend astounding amounts of time on their electronic devices and with this shift, they are losing their skills in how to communicate their needs—with their own voices. Picture the kids you know having no access to wi-fi. There might be a revolt […]

Positive Psychology Courses: A List of 50+ Educational Opportunities

It is with great pleasure that we share a comprehensive list of online positive psychology courses, workshops, training, webinars, graduate programs, audiotapes, and MOOCs. We also include the renowned Master of Applied Positive Psychology course brought to you by many universities, organizations, and professionals from around the globe. We appreciate […]

How to Get a Ph.D. in Positive Psychology

Lately, we've been getting an increasing number of questions from people who want to pursue a Ph.D. program in positive psychology (mostly after having finished a MAPP program or one of the other courses in positive psychology) and are looking for a university or institution with specific positive psychology graduate programs […]

Masters of Applied Positive Psychology: The MAPP Program

Interested in pursuing your love of positive psychology further? Good news—in recent years, we’ve seen more and more opportunities arise for developing that interest academically. On this page, we’ve listed MAPP (or relevant related) opportunities from a wide range of institutions across the world. For those who can’t find something […]

5 Activities For Using Positive Reinforcement in the Classroom

It wasn’t too long ago that school-rooms were places of stern words and plentiful discipline. It was commonplace for teachers to favor harsh punishment over positive punishment, including using the cane. Now, however, it is recognized that there are more effective ways to teach and to manage classrooms. Techniques such […]

Positive Reinforcement in Psychology (Definition + 5 Examples)

If you read our earlier piece on positive punishment, you know that there are different methods of teaching and instilling good habits and behaviors. One of the most powerful and effective methods is one that you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with: positive reinforcement. Before you read on, we thought […]

Positive Psychology In Schools and Education For Happy Students

"Teachers and researchers in positive psychology are natural allies. At its core, education is about nurturing strengths, about growth and learning. Furthermore, psychological and social well-being are key concerns for teachers and other educators and for people working in the field of positive psychology" (Shankland & Rosset, 2017). This quote […]

Positive Transitioning: Preparing Our Youth For Life After School

“What do you want to do after school?” More than a decade later, and this simple question still makes my stomach turn. I remember the feelings of confusion and frustration. Internalizing my indecision to mean that there was something wrong with me. Not to mention my misinformed belief that everyone […]

13 Best Positive Education Books and Positive Discipline Practices

Education has benefited from positive psychology since the field began. There is no standard for implementing the research findings of positive psychology into the classroom; however, there are many practices that can change the fabric of schools and their students for the better. This article contains: What is Different About […]

Positive Psychology 1504: Harvard’s Groundbreaking Course

Harvard's Positive Psychology 1504, taught by professor Tal Ben-Shahar Ph.D., will enter the books as the most popular course in the history of Harvard University. In the spring of 2006, over 1400 Harvard students enrolled in both Positive Psychology 1504 and Ben-Shahar's Psychology of Leadership course. Positive Psychology 1504 consists of 22 lectures […]