Grief & Bereavement

Here you will find academic articles and resources to help those who have been affected by grief.

How to Treat Complicated Grief in Therapy: 12 Examples

Complicated Grief Therapy

Each grief experience is unique, yet we share the need to have it witnessed without someone attempting to lessen it or find ways to reframe it (Brown, 2021). While grief is typically acute during the early stages of loss, complicated grief is persistent, characterized by a long-lasting preoccupation with the […]

13 Types of Grief + How to Treat Loss in Therapy

Types of grief

Every day, millions of people are affected by the loss of a loved one. They remember the precise time, location, and what they were doing when they heard the news and its devastating impact. While commonplace, we may feel ill equipped to manage our grief and not ready to accept […]

How to Do Bereavement Counseling: Resources & Interventions

Bereavement counseling

As the funeral car pulled away, all was quiet except for the sound of the tires on the snow. I wanted the world to stay silent for a long time – it didn’t. Everything moved on, with a small part of me left behind. Psychology defines grief as the pain […]

Grief Meditation and Yoga: Healing Through Awareness

Grief Meditation Yoga

The grief of bereavement is a severe psychosocial stressor (Stroebe, Schut, & Stroebe, 2007). Intense emotional pain can lead to substance abuse, relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation (Von Korff et al., 2001). Unresolved grief can even have a detrimental effect on brain functioning (Rosnick, Small, McEvoy, Borenstein, & […]

Maranasati Meditation: How to Practice Mindfulness of Death

Maranasati meditation

Maranasati meditation refers to several early Buddhist practices focused on mindfulness of death (Access to Insight, 2013a, 2013b). The objective of mindfulness of death practices is to deepen our appreciation of our mortality in an effort to paradoxically lessen death anxiety and enhance our zest for living. Research shows that […]

How to Perform Hope Therapy: 4 Best Techniques

Hope therapy

In everyday language, the word hope can suggest unrealistic, wishful thinking. For positive psychologists, hope refers to a positive state of mind, one in which the client pursues achievable yet challenging goals (Luthans, Youssef, & Avolio, 2015). At times, hope escapes us, leaving us unable to imagine a path to […]

Creative Arts Therapies Explained: 18 Best Courses and Ideas

Creative Arts Therapies

Using creative arts to facilitate healing is not a new practice. In ancient Greece and Rome, participation in theater acts was “prescribed” for individuals with depression or anxiety. Likewise, tribal communities around the globe have been using dance, music, and painting in healing for millennia (Degges-White, 2011). If you’re interested […]

9 Grief Books, Worksheets, & Journal Prompts to Help Clients

Grief Books

Grief is an experience that does not discriminate. At some point, everyone will lose a loved one. However, no one really talks about it. Even in therapy, talking about loss and grief can be very difficult for clients, as they often think this is something they have to keep to […]

The Psychology of Grief: The 4 Stages Explained

Grief stages

Grief is characterized by a contradiction. On one hand, it is a complex and painful maelstrom of thoughts and emotions triggered by the loss of someone precious to an individual. On the other hand, it is a natural and positive healing process that plays an essential role in helping us […]

Coping With Grief for Children: 6 Books & Tips to Support Kids

Grief for children

Losing a loved one is never easy. For children, losing someone they love can be even more difficult because they are not only trying to process the loss themselves, but are also watching other loved ones grieve. If children are very young when they lose a loved one, they may […]

What Is ACT? The Hexaflex Model and Principles Explained

ACT Model

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a third-wave Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that can be a breath of fresh air for coaches and therapists. Third-wave CBT therapies incorporate mindfulness as their distinguishing factor. ACT is a therapy modality that allows therapists to include the client’s values into the clinical or coaching […]

43 Resilience & Adversity Quotes That Will Inspire and Empower You

Resilience Quotes

Insightful quotes on resilience can inspire and motivate you to dig deeper and find your more resilient self while encouraging you to explore the vast literature on this exciting topic. Here is a list of 43 quotes drawn from a broad and in-depth literature review of research studies and review […]

Repressing Emotions: 10 Ways to Reduce Emotional Avoidance

Repress emotions

Emotions are part of who we are; however, many of us have a difficult relationship with negative emotions. We consider them uncomfortable and problematic. As a species, we are primed to avoid pain and suffering to ensure our survival. Cue: enter ‘emotional repression.’ Emotional repression is all about avoiding emotional […]

Maladaptive Coping: 15 Examples & How to Break the Cycle

Maladaptive Coping

I know I’m procrastinating. I’ve checked my email twice and scrolled through social media for more than an hour. And yet, I’m still writing the same paragraph. We all find ways of escaping what needs to be done – typically, it’s a task we don’t want to perform – but […]

12 Radical Acceptance Worksheets For Your DBT Sessions

Radical Acceptance Worksheets

“Wasn’t me!” she said with a guilty smile. Denial is a powerful defense mechanism. Some people rely more heavily on denial in a crisis situation than others. When a person utilizes denial or another defense mechanism, they often end up feeling worse and in even more distress. This is because […]

Humor in Psychology: Coping and Laughing Your Woes Away

The belief that laughter heals the mind has been around for centuries. And why not? Humor just feels good; it distracts us from our problems and promotes a lighter perspective. For this reason, many famous quotes have been penned about the benefits of humor, such as: The human race has […]

What is Post-Traumatic Growth? (+ Inventory & Scale)


As they say, trauma is a nightmare that comes while we are awake. Not only is it difficult to overcome trauma, but it also takes tremendous effort and perseverance to do so. But suffering has transformative power. Be that in religion, poetry, philosophy, or literature - the general understanding of […]

The Neuroscience of Gratitude and How It Affects Anxiety & Grief

We all want a happy life... A cushy job, a perfect family, financial stability, and a great social life! And in this indefinite pursuit of happiness that is mostly like a mirage, how often do we spare a minute to thank what we already have at this very moment? Gratitude […]

What is Emotional Resilience and How to Build It? (+Training Exercises)

How do you collect yourself after a stressful event? Emotional resilience is when you are able to calm your frantic mind after encountering a negative experience. It is intrinsic motivation, an inner force by which we can hold ourselves through all the downsides of life. Just like other aspects of […]