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What Is Compassion Fatigue? 24 Causes & Symptoms Explained

Compassion Fatigue

Are you in a caring profession? If so, do you ever feel preoccupied with the suffering of the people you work with? In a helping role, we get up close with the trauma and suffering of clients and patients to try to understand their perspective and resonate with their pain. […]

How to Prevent and Treat Compassion Fatigue + Tests

Compassion Fatigue

The wide range of circumstances experienced by counselors and therapists leaves them open and vulnerable to experiencing compassion fatigue (Negash & Sahin, 2011). Such a state of emotional exhaustion typically occurs in response to the depth of empathic involvement required to work with people seeking help for their mental health […]

Empathy 101: 3+ Examples and Psychology Definitions


Have you ever experienced someone else’s emotions as your own? Has a book, film, or photograph ever driven you to tears? Or have you ever felt driven to ease someone else’s emotions? If you have answered yes to at least one of these, then you have experienced empathy. Empathy is […]

Living With Your Inner Critic: 8 Helpful Worksheets and Activities

Inner critic

We all know this voice in our head that constantly criticizes, belittles, and judges us. This voice has many names: inner critic, judge, saboteur, the superego. In CBT frameworks, its activities are summed up as automatic negative thoughts (ANTs). Its relentless destructive chatter is also described as negative self-talk. Our […]

Forgiveness in Therapy: Help Clients Forgive Themselves and Others

Forgiveness Therapy

Do you value forgiveness? If so, you are probably living a happier and healthier life. Forgiving someone who has done us harm or forgiving ourselves when we’ve made a mistake is perhaps the most critical step in healing and moving on. Although we don’t often talk about forgiveness as a […]

How to Develop Empathy: 8 Exercises & Worksheets (+ PDF)

developing empathy

We have all met people who appear to lack empathy. When they see someone upset or having a hard time, they appear baffled, unclear how to respond. Why are they like that, and can it be changed? Genetics provide part of the story (Horsburgh, Schermer, Veselka, & Vernon, 2009). The […]

15 Must-Read Empathy Books for Cultivating Kindness

empathy books

Empathy involves the ability “to feel or imagine another person’s emotional experience” (McDonald & Messinger, 2011, p. 2). This powerful emotion inspires compassionate behavior that may mean the world to another person. Indeed, empathy in which positive emotions are shared is associated with increased prosocial behavior and happiness (Morelli, Lieberman, […]

Psychology of Forgiveness: 10+ Fascinating Research Findings

In life, we can hold on to a lot of anger and resentment. These grievances only offer a lifetime of hurt and should be dealt with. Despite the enormity of suffering a person may have faced, it is possible to let this pain go and forgive. Not only is forgiveness […]

18 Best Self-Compassion Books for a Peaceful Life

More than a thousand research studies now show that cultivating self-compassion and compassion for others can have a profound impact on our physical, mental, and social health. Conversely, feelings of inferiority, shame, and self-criticism can negatively impact our health and well-being (Irons and Beaumont, 2018). In today’s extremely competitive culture, […]

24 Forgiveness Activities, Exercises, Tips and Worksheets

Forgiveness is a complex process of change, and although beneficial cannot be accomplished by simple means. It requires sustained effort and commitment. Below we have compiled 24 tips, activities and exercises that hopefully can be used to help find some effective ways to start the process of forgiveness today. Before […]

The Importance of Forgiveness in Marriage and Relationships

The ability to forgive and seek forgiveness is often rated as one of the most important factors that affect relationship longevity. In this article, we explore forgiveness in marriage, relationships and the family unit as a whole. Read on to explore the role forgiveness plays in our closest and most […]

Why is Forgiveness Important?

In this article, we take a look at the value of forgiveness and its relationship with healing. We also explore why it is important to cultivate forgiveness both towards ourselves and others. Scroll down to find out more on the importance of forgiveness and how it can neutralize anger and […]

What is Forgiveness? (+9 Science-Based Benefits)

If forgiveness is divine, does one need to be a saint? Forgiveness is the stuff of everyday heroes, the ultimate measure of internal peace. It can be a form of emotional aikido, where we disarm our perceived opponent with patience and calm and exact the grandest form of “revenge” by […]

20 Reasons Why Compassion Is So Important in Psychology

Compassion is as vital to life as the air we breathe. For in the absence of compassion, how many benevolent, selfless and heroic deeds would have happened throughout history? Imagine a world without Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., St. Francis of Assisi, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and so many […]

15 Most Interesting Self-Compassion Research Findings

In order to understand self-compassion, you have to first understand the concept of compassion. Compassion is the ability we all have to show empathy, love, and concern to those who may be experiencing difficulties. Self-compassion is all about extending that same compassion back toward yourself, which is not always easy […]

How to Practice Self-Compassion: 8 Techniques and Tips

Have you ever lost your temper at…yourself? Blamed and then beat yourself up a little inside for doing something you regret? Maybe you’ve been harsh with someone, only to be much harsher with yourself later? It’s easy to be tough on yourself—we tend to do it much, much more than […]

What is Mindful Self-Compassion? (Incl. Exercises + PDF)

When we talk about mindfulness, there are a number of thoughts that come to mind. We know it’s about building our own sense of self-awareness, creating a greater connection with our bodies and emotions, and a stronger presence within our immediate environments. We might even know that mindfulness can help […]

The Self-Compassion Scale and Test (Incl. PDF)

Whether we like it or not, life is full of ups and downs. The human experience is often peppered with uncomfortable or unpleasant experiences and emotions. Self-compassion presents an opportunity to understand, acknowledge, and transform personal suffering through self-kindness, mindfulness, and an understanding that adversity is an inevitable part of […]

What is Kindness in Psychology? (Incl. Activities + Quotes)

Kindness in Psychology

How have you shown kindness to someone today? How has someone else been kind to you? With the increased acknowledgment that bullying behavior is a widespread epidemic in workplaces and schools, the need to reclaim our kindness roots is imperative. Worldwide efforts to shine a light on kindness have led […]

Compassion for Kids: 21+ Teaching Activities & Examples

If you claimed that there is an epidemic of bullying in our society, your claim would be affirmed by the drastic number of accounts of such behavior reported among our youth. The underlying issue, however, is not the bullying behavior (though obviously troubling and heartbreaking). The major problem is the […]

12 Best Compassion Training Exercises & Activities

In this article, you will learn about cultivating compassion through training and how compassion can be measured. We'll also discuss some of the ways you can introduce more compassion to your own life, as well as the lives of your clients. For this, see the section '12 Exercises & Activities […]

How to Foster Compassion at Work Through Compassionate Leadership

compassionate leadership

Compassion comes from a Latin word which means ‘co-suffering.’ Practicing and expressing compassion have always secured a firm place in almost all religious practices. Dalai Lama, one of the most respectable Buddhist preachers, stated that individual acts of compassion and kindness have the power to spread harmony in the entire […]

Can Random Acts of Kindness Increase Well-Being? (Incl. 22 Ideas)

The phrase “random acts of kindness” (RAK) is relatively well known and has been shared all over the world. When you consider the times when you’ve practice random acts of kindness, what past practices come to mind? I found myself thinking of this question as I wrote this blog because […]

What is Self-Compassion and What is Self-Love?

You’ve probably heard about the importance of loving yourself, forgiving yourself, and treating yourself with compassion. But is it really that vital? Can’t you get along just fine without all that mushy, touchy-feely self-love stuff? As it turns out, you can get along just fine—but you will likely never thrive! […]

Why Shame and Guilt Are Functional For Mental Health

Shame and guilt are two self-conscious emotions that everyone will feel several times throughout their lives. These are generally negative emotions that make people feel bad about themselves and can have negative consequences. That said, shame and guilt are important emotional components of leading a prosocial life. This article will […]

9 Powerful Self-Compassion Exercises & Worksheets (+ PDF)

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” Dalai Lama We know about the importance of love and compassion for others. As the Dalai Lama stated, humanity cannot survive without these characteristics. I’ve always loved this quote, in part because it can be taken two ways: […]

16 Compassion Focused Therapy Training Exercises and Worksheets

Compassion gets a lot of attention in positive psychology, and for good reason – it’s a major concern of many religious and philosophical leaders, including the Dalai Lama and Pope Francis. Compassion is a foundation for sharing our aliveness and building a more humane world. Martin Lowenthal In addition, research […]

5 Steps to Develop Self-Compassion & Overcome Your Inner Critic

If you were to go on a journey with someone for several decades, how important would the relationship between the two of you be? Wouldn’t you make an effort to ensure you got along well? Wouldn’t you want to make sure the relationship between the two of you was positive […]