Coaching Psychology Defined + Training Options

The Psychology of Coaching

Coaching is a field that is on the rise in popularity, but the psychological theory underlying it is not fully formed. Coaching shares many similarities to therapy, which has a much more defined body of literature behind it. Having a foundational knowledge in coaching psychology can make you a more […]

Erik Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development Explained

Erikson's Stages

In 1623, William Shakespeare wrote, “one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages,” from screaming infant to the finality of oblivion. Three hundred years later, and the psychologist Erik Erikson offered a more modern, and less sexually biased (equality was very much an issue in […]

Cognitive Biases Defined: 7 Examples and Resources

defining cognitive biases

We are often presented with situations in life where we need to make a decision with imperfect information, and instead, we unknowingly rely on prejudices or biases. For example, we might: Trust someone more if they’re an authority figure than if they’re not. Assume someone’s gender based on their profession. […]

[FREE] 3 Hand-Picked Tools from The Positive Psychology Toolkit©!

positive psychology toolkit

We are always incredibly grateful to our growing community of like-minded professionals for sharing our mission to uplift others through positive psychology. As a small token of appreciation, we’re giving away 3 tools from our Positive Psychology Toolkit© for free. You can download them here. It turns out that it's […]

20 Best Mindfulness Meditation Podcasts Of 2020

mindfulness meditation podcasts

Recently there has been a growing focus on the benefits of mindfulness. Are you curious about how to get started with mindfulness and mindfulness meditation? Ready to dip your toes into this daily practice? Or maybe you need some encouragement - perhaps some fresh inspiration to get back into your […]

Strength-Spotting Interviews: 20+ Questions and Techniques

strengths-spotting interviews

How often have we asked ourselves: Who am I? The existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre spent most of his career pondering similar questions, ultimately believing that we are what we do. But what if we feel we are a set of potentials, as yet unrealized? Well, knowing and using your strengths […]

Strength-Based Leadership: 34 Traits Of Successful Leaders

Leaders throughout history have inspired, disappointed, empowered, enraged, challenged, and scared the people they serve. They can lead nations through wars or squander their country’s finances while offering a figurehead for our hopes and dreams. Think of Jacinda Ardern, Mahatma Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Angela Merkel, Donald […]

How to Apply the Wheel of Life in Coaching

How to apply the Wheel of Life

Have you ever felt that your life is out of kilter? While some areas receive all of your attention, others get none. Perhaps your career is on track, but you no longer have time for your family and friends, or your work is unfulfilling, and you are not growing or […]

Logotherapy: Viktor Frankl’s Theory of Meaning

Victor Frankl's Logotherapy

As the sun cascades behind the distant mountains, it creates a beautiful array of orange, peach, and pink. When we bask in the glory of a sunset and reflect on creation, or enjoy the embrace of a loved one, it provides meaning. As we engage with our community, participate in […]

The Power of Deep Breathing: 7 Techniques and Exercises

deep breathing exercises

Who hasn’t heard, said, or been told the following when experiencing stress, fear, or anger? “Just take a deep breath and relax…” This common expression refers to a very simple action, yet embraces great wisdom and efficacy. Simple but often unconscious and overlooked, breathing can be highly potent and beneficial […]