5 REBT Techniques, Exercises and Worksheets

rebt techniques

Rational Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, or REBT, is a style of short-term cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) that was developed in the 1950s by a doctor named Albert Ellis (The Albert Ellis Institute). Ellis trained as a clinical psychologist but found the options for treating his patients lacking. His dissatisfaction with […]

The Science of Improving Motivation at Work

motivation at work

All motivation comes from within, whether it is triggered by rewards or endeavors that enhance one’s self-image or simply comes from intrinsically-motivating activities that we engage in for no reward other than the enjoyment these activities bring us. Realizing this makes the topic of employee motivation quite daunting for people […]

27 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Counseling

benefits counseling

Anyone who has had the opportunity to work with a skilled counselor can likely state the personal benefits of the experience. Self-reporting always offers challenges in building empirical evidence. An abundance of meta-analyses has gathered scientific proof that there are similar results across cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and diagnoses. Come along […]

Happiness and Well-Being Coaching with PERMA

Life coach using PERMA Model

One of the undeniable benefits of any form of therapy, coaching, or counseling is the greater sense of wellbeing and happiness it can help you achieve. Many people have found that finding the right type of psychological support has helped them overcome challenges and barriers they initially thought impossible, and […]

10 Best TED Talks on VIA Character Strengths and Virtues

Best TED Talks on VIA Strengths

When you think of how to live a life in which you can flourish, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For many, flourishing is tantamount to happiness. But, what is happiness? What contributes to a life well lived? We are often at our happiest when our natural […]

What is Positive Psychotherapy? (Benefits & Model)

positive psychotherapy

Seeking out any type of therapy can be daunting. We often realize that we could benefit from external support slowly, and for many, taking the next step can be clouded by internal fears: What will a therapist have to say about me and my behavior? What shortcomings will they uncover […]

8 Best Positive Psychology Podcasts To Give a Listen

positive psychology podcast

Using a purely unscientific approach, and not considering download numbers or even reviews, here is a brief list of positive psychology podcasts that will: Make you laugh Teach you about yourself Teach you about other people Help you experience awe and wonder Help you question what you believe you already […]

28 Best Therapy Quotes and Do They Ring True?

therapy quotes irvin yalom

Having quotes from leaders in psychology reinforces some of the things we already know about therapy. Their perspective is helpful and backed by scientific evidence and experience. Aside from prominent psychology figures, social media is saturated with inspirational quotes. I couldn’t afford therapy, so I just watched ‘Frasier’. Season 4 […]

How to Motivate Someone, Including Yourself

how to motivate

We all seem to know how to live well, yet so few of us can bring ourselves actually to do it. Many proposed motivational strategies routinely fall short and prove themselves to be ineffective when put to the objective empirical test. We might be able to come up with strategies […]

Using Self-Awareness Theory and Skills in Psychology

self-awareness theory

How self-aware are you? Asking that question, and getting you to reflect on it, is an example of self-awareness. How often do you find yourself engaging in this type of reflection? If you answered, 'not often,' then this article is perfect for you. If you responded, 'all the time!' this […]