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32 Best Mental Health Books for Increasing Your Well-Being

Mental Health Books

They say, ‘health is not just about what we eat. It is also about what we think, say, and do.’ Mental health forms a significant part of our overall well-being and encompasses parts of emotional health, psychological health, and social awareness. Positive mental health lets us: Explore our inner potentials. […]

10 Best Self-Awareness Books for Increasing Reflection

Self-Awareness Books

How often do you take a moment to reflect on your thoughts and emotions? Have you ever explored the underlying causes of your behavior? Self-awareness drives us closer to ourselves. It lets us gain clarity over our emotions, and helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses that lie within us. […]

The Connor Davidson + Brief Resilience Scales (Incl. PDF)

connor davidson resilience scales

The Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale was developed by two researchers - Kathryn M. Conner and Jonathan R.T. Davidson. Connor is a psychiatrist and a researcher at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. Her research is focused on stress, anxiety, social anxiety, medications, and resilience. Davidson is a Professor Emeritus […]

What is Coping Theory?

What is coping theory

What is your first reaction in the face of sudden stress? Do you make a plan to overcome it? Talk it out with your friends? Avoid confronting the situation? Or try to hide the fear by resorting to comfort food or other substances? There are so many different ways of […]

What are Mental Health Theories? (Incl. List)

What are Mental Health Theories

Have you ever met with a counselor or therapist and thought, "This is not a good fit?" It might have had something to do with the theories they use to inform their practice. Counselors and therapists worldwide receive training about the theoretical underpinnings of mental health. They learn how to […]

7 Emotional Intelligence Quotes and Do They Ring True?

emotional intelligence quotes

As with any popular topic, there are roughly one million quotes about or alluding to emotional intelligence. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but the general idea is accurate: there are tons of quotes about emotional intelligence! And, as it turns out, many of them just might be right. In this piece, […]

What is the Mental Health Continuum Model?

Mental Health Continuum

Think about it. When a person behaves oddly or deviates from the societal standards of normality, we address him/her in so many ways - depressed, anxious, moody, suicidal, and the list goes on. But how often do we hear ourselves categorizing the ‘mentally healthy’ people as happy, very happy, or […]

What is Post-Traumatic Growth? (+ Inventory)


As they say, trauma is a nightmare that comes while we are awake. Not only is it difficult to overcome trauma, but it also takes tremendous effort and perseverance to do so. But suffering has transformative power. Be that in religion, poetry, philosophy, or literature - the general understanding of […]

18 Best Self-Compassion Books for a Peaceful Life

Books on self-compassion

More than a thousand research studies now show that cultivating self-compassion and compassion for others can have a profound impact on our physical, mental, and social health. Conversely, feelings of inferiority, shame, and self-criticism can negatively impact our health and well-being (Irons and Beaumont, 2018). In today’s extremely competitive culture, […]