How to Improve Your Client’s Self-Esteem in Therapy: 7 Tips

How to improve self-esteem

When children first master the expectations set by their parents, the experience provides them with a source of pride and self-esteem. As children get older, the origins of self-esteem shift to social comparison and internal standards (Larsen, Buss, Wismeijer, & Song, 2017). Self-esteem is our sense of worth. It is […]

What Is Nature and Ecotherapy & How Does It Work?

Nature Therapy

There is much wisdom and healing to be found in nature if we’re willing to connect with it. Caring for animals, taking a stroll in a park, watching a sunset, or simply noticing the feeling of grass beneath your feet are all simple ways we can honor our connection with […]

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Training: Top 17 Courses

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Painful emotions or unpleasant thoughts can be extremely hard to sit with and accept. Often, our knee-jerk reaction is to avoid these experiences or try to get rid of them completely, which most of the time, only makes us feel worse. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) aims to help people […]

Coaching on Work–Life Balance: 11 Strategies & Questions

Coaching on Work Life Balance

In our fast-paced, money-driven, demanding society, the concept of finding and maintaining work–life balance can seem like an impossible dream. The hours at work, inflexible schedules, long commutes, family commitments, time with friends, self-care, and demands from community organizations are just some of the competing forces for our time and […]

How to Use the Miracle Question in Therapy: 3 Examples

Miracle Question

Is the miracle question as good as it sounds? Well, possibly. For the therapist, the intervention has the power to explore clients' hidden resources and find solutions to their existing problems (Yu, 2019). The miracle question opens the door to the client's possibilities for therapy. It does this by simply […]

Workplace Stress Management: 11 Best Strategies & Worksheets

Workplace Stress Management

Stress is a factor in 7 out of the top 10 causes of death worldwide, and the workplace is an important contributor (Quick & Henderson, 2016). An American Psychological Association survey found that 31% of staff felt stressed out during their workday (cited in Tetrick & Winslow, 2015). Help is […]

Applying Positive Psychology in Schools & Education: Your Ultimate Guide

Positive Psychology in Schools & Education

School is the training ground that helps shape individuals into the people they will become. The experiences that our children and youth have in school dictate the pathway they take to facilitate future growth. Positive school experiences have been connected to positive long-term outcomes, such as being less likely to […]

Creative Arts Therapies Explained: 18 Best Courses and Ideas

Creative Arts Therapies

Using creative arts to facilitate healing is not a new practice. In ancient Greece and Rome, participation in theater acts was “prescribed” for individuals with depression or anxiety. Likewise, tribal communities around the globe have been using dance, music, and painting in healing for millennia (Degges-White, 2011). If you’re interested […]

14 Career Counseling Tests, Forms, & Questionnaires for Your Sessions

Career Counseling Tests

When looking at job vacancies, how many times have you thought to yourself, 'Is this job right for me?' only to find out it really isn't. It often happens to students starting out on their career path. It may even occur in the middle years when people feel they need […]

18 Behavior Therapy Degrees, Certifications, & Training Courses

Behavior Therapy

Changing our behavior is hard, even if that behavior hurts us. Maybe we drink too much alcohol when we’re stressed, shout at our kids when we’re mad, or simply withdraw from loved ones when we’re feeling low. These are all unhelpful behaviors we probably know don’t get us anywhere good. […]