Your Ultimate Group Coaching Toolkit: Best Activities & Topics

Online Group Coaching

Many coaches who are used to working one-on-one with clients eventually reach a point where they’d like to expand their reach by running group sessions. A common concern is whether the coach’s existing tools and frameworks, designed for one-on-one coaching, will apply well to a group format. Fear not. The […]

What Is Compassion Fatigue? 24 Causes & Symptoms Explained

Compassion Fatigue

Are you in a caring profession? If so, do you ever feel preoccupied with the suffering of the people you work with? In a helping role, we get up close with the trauma and suffering of clients and patients to try to understand their perspective and resonate with their pain. […]

Best Apps for Psychologists That Will Boost Clients’ Outcomes

Apps for Psychologists

As any experienced psychologist knows, clients tend to make most of their progress outside the therapy room, not in it. Therefore, it’s essential to equip your clients with versatile tools and techniques they can draw on in daily life to practice applying interventions in the context of real-life stressors and […]

How to Improve Communication Skills: 14 Best Worksheets

Communication Skills

In his acclaimed book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie (2019, p. 32) hints at a key strategy involved in effective communication that involves focusing on others and their motivations: “Instead of condemning people, let’s try to understand them. Let’s try to figure out why they do […]

Social Skills Support Groups: 10 Helpful Activities & Games

Social Skills Groups

Have you ever met someone brimming with confidence and communication skills, and thought to yourself, 'I want to be like them'? Social skills can be like second nature, performed effortlessly by some. Other people struggle and feel awkward and out of place, with even basic skills. This article will explain […]

16 Causes of Workplace Stress & How to Prevent Its Effects

Workplace Stress

Are you falling behind with your work commitments? Snappy with loved ones and having trouble sleeping? Are you working long hours yet not getting enough done? If your job demands more than you can deliver, you could be experiencing workplace stress (Schwartz & McCarthy, 2014). According to the American Psychological […]

Training in Schema Therapy: 14 Courses and Online Options

Training in Schema Therapy

Our childhood experiences pave the way for enduring patterns and themes that can shape our relationships, coping styles, and ultimately, the direction of our lives. If our needs in childhood are not sufficiently met – maybe we experience a lack of nurturing, autonomy, or social connection – we may develop […]

Applying Social Learning Theory in Social Work & Education

Social Learning Theory

Many of us are familiar with the notorious Bobo Doll experiment by Bandura, Ross, and Ross (1961), but what does it have to do with social work and education? As it turns out, a lot. Social learning is a natural approach to acquiring new information relevant to all students and […]

Unconditional Positive Regard: 17 Worksheets, Tools, & Activities

Unconditional Positive Regard Worksheets

Unconditional positive regard describes an essential attitude that person-centered therapists adopt toward their clients, promoting growth and personal change (Wilkins, 2000). As mental health professionals, therapists recognize that they must deeply value their client's humanity while being undeterred by any particular client behaviors for a successful outcome (Mearns & Thorne, […]

What Is Validation in Therapy & Why Is It Important?

Validation in Therapy

Validation means that you understand where the other person is coming from, even if you disagree with what they say or do (Rather & Miller, 2015). Recognizing that someone’s feelings and thoughts make sense can show that we are listening nonjudgmentally and can help build stronger relationships, especially in therapy. […]