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3 positive psychology exercises

Download 3 Free Positive Psychology Exercises (PDF)

Enhance wellbeing with these free, science-based exercises that draw on the latest insights from positive psychology.

Thought stopping techniques

18 Effective Thought-Stopping Techniques (& 10 PDFs)

From time to time, we all experience intrusive, unwanted thoughts in our stream of consciousness (Shackelford & Zeigler-Hill, 2020). While many are frivolous, such as [...]

Leadership books

15 Best Leadership Books for Optimal Growth

When you think of leaders, who do you immediately think of? Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth II, and Martin Luther King, Jr. may come [...]

Non-sleep deep rest

Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR): Exploring a World Beyond Sleep

In our relentless quest for productivity and success, we often fall prey to the misconception that rest is a reward for hard work. But what [...]

Biopsychosocial model

Biopsychosocial Model in Action: 12 Tips & Resources

Humans are complex creatures. We are made up of more than skin and bones. We are more than just a “computer” mind that processes information. [...]

Existential crisis

Existential Crisis: How to Cope With Meaninglessness

Recent statistics suggest that over a quarter of UK nationals feel a deep sense of meaninglessness (Dinic, 2021). In the wake of multiple global economic, [...]

Victim mentality

Victim Mentality: 10 Ways to Help Clients Conquer Victimhood

Life isn’t always fair, and injustice is everywhere. However, some people see themselves as victims whenever they face setbacks or don’t get their own way. [...]

AI Therapy

Revolutionizing AI Therapy: The Impact on Mental Health Care

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ushering in a new era in mental health care, transforming everything from diagnostic accuracy to the delivery of therapeutic interventions (D’Alfonso, [...]

Smart goals

SMART Goals, HARD Goals, PACT, or OKRs: What Works?

Goal setting is vital in business, education, and performance environments such as sports, yet it is also a key component of many coaching and counseling [...]


The Scientific Validity of Manifesting: How to Support Clients

“Manifesting” is a big trend in the self-help and success industry. Because so many people actively try to practice manifesting strategies, it is important for [...]

Feldenkrais Method

What Is the Feldenkrais Method & Is It Effective?

The promotion of body awareness, nonjudgmental mindfulness, and mental and physical wellbeing is the reason behind the growing popularity of mind-body approaches in the Western [...]