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3 positive psychology exercises

Download 3 Free Positive Psychology Exercises (PDF)

Enhance wellbeing with these free, science-based exercises that draw on the latest insights from positive psychology.

How to say no

How to Say No & Master the Art of Personal Freedom

In a world that often values compliance over authenticity, the notion of personal freedom becomes not just a luxury but a necessity for our wellbeing [...]

Complex PTSD

CPTSD: Understanding Complex Trauma & Its Recovery

As we face the worrying increase of environmental events, pandemics, and wars across the globe, the topic of trauma is extremely relevant across various contexts. [...]

Theory X and Theory Y

Theory X and Theory Y (& Z): Employee Motivation Explained

Most leaders and managers are aware of the importance of motivating their employees and creating an environment for them to perform at their best (Sennewald [...]


Fundamental Attribution Error: Shifting the Blame Game

We all try to make sense of the behaviors we observe in ourselves and others. However, sometimes this process can be marred by cognitive biases [...]

Humanistic therapy

Humanistic Therapy: Unlocking Your Clients’ True Potential

Humanism recognizes the need of the individual to achieve meaning, purpose, and actualization in their lives (Rowan, 2016; Block, 2011). Humanistic therapy was born out [...]

Positive Psychology Myths

12 Myths & Misconceptions About Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is a fast-growing, emergent discipline within psychology. Technically, positive psychology is still in its salad days, passing the 25 year mark since its [...]

Disorganized attachment style

Can a Disorganized Attachment Style Be Overcome?

No individual needs to be defined by the actions or behavior of their parents. However, the attachment strategies we form early in our lives for [...]

ADHD Coach

How to Become an ADHD Coach: 5 Coaching Organizations

The latest figures suggest that around 1 in 20 people globally has ADHD, although far fewer are actively diagnosed (Asherson et al., 2022). Attention-deficit hyperactivity [...]


Dysregulation: Navigating Through Emotional Turmoil

As mental health professionals, we often find emotional dysregulation at the heart of our clients’ challenges. Like a yoyo, the ups and downs of emotions [...]

Childhood trauma tests

9 Childhood Trauma Tests & Questionnaires

Childhood trauma is a difficult topic to navigate. We don’t like to think, or talk, about children being hurt. But if we’re working with clients [...]