Coaching & Application

Positive psychology coaching focuses on improving the (mental) well-being of a client by applying findings from the academic field of positive psychology.

Coaching on Work–Life Balance: 11 Strategies & Questions

Coaching on Work Life Balance

In our fast-paced, money-driven, demanding society, the concept of finding and maintaining work–life balance can seem like an impossible dream. The hours at work, inflexible schedules, long commutes, family commitments, time with friends, self-care, and demands from community organizations are just some of the competing forces for our time and […]

14 Career Counseling Tests, Forms, & Questionnaires for Your Sessions

Career Counseling Tests

When looking at job vacancies, how many times have you thought to yourself, 'Is this job right for me?' only to find out it really isn't. It often happens to students starting out on their career path. It may even occur in the middle years when people feel they need […]

Coaching in Emotional Intelligence: Certifications & Resources

Coach Emotional Intelligence

We can’t live without oxygen, and we won’t thrive without love and connection. Healthy connections are disrupted when emotions are dysregulated. It leads to bad behavior and often creates fear. Other consequences of emotional dysregulation can be displayed through over-extended credit cards, marked increase in alcohol use, stress eating, and […]

20 Basic Counseling Skills to Become an Effective Therapist

Counseling Skills

Effective counseling skills are vital in forming a strong alliance between the client and therapist. When combined, such competencies support clients through treatment and help them reach their goal of overcoming the pressures of modern life and leading a more fulfilling existence (Tan, Leong, Tan, & Tan, 2015). Various counseling […]

Your Ultimate Group Coaching Toolkit: Best Activities & Topics

Online Group Coaching

Many coaches who are used to working one-on-one with clients eventually reach a point where they’d like to expand their reach by running group sessions. A common concern is whether the coach’s existing tools and frameworks, designed for one-on-one coaching, will apply well to a group format. Fear not. The […]

25 Counseling Activities to Better Help Adults, Kids, & Groups

The practice of counseling is full of exercises, role-play, and metaphors. By wielding the power of experiential learning and analogy through such activities, counselors can help their clients discover the keys to lasting happiness and wellbeing. As a counselor, there’s no need to develop tools such as these in a […]

Counseling Ethics Code: 10 Common Ethical Issues & Studies

Most counselors have an appreciation for the possibility and diversity of ethical issues, but it's easy to think they’ll never happen to you. Despite their potentially serious consequences, ethical issues are common, and without preparation and reflection, many might be violated unwittingly and with good intentions. In this article, you’ll […]

Military Psychology: Counseling for Soldiers & Veterans Explained

Military Counseling

The military has a varied task force. You don't have to become a soldier; there are many possibilities for more unusual jobs. For instance, there are excellent opportunities for military counselors. The size of the military in the United States is vast. In fiscal year 2020, the U.S. Army counted […]

Organizing an Effective Group Coaching Session: 20 Techniques

Group coaching

Many coaches who’ve been in the business of one-on-one coaching for a while quickly find themselves eager to try their hand at group coaching, and for good reason. As a coach, group coaching allows you to expand your reach and help more people in less time. For your clients, it […]

Building a Healthy Therapeutic Relationship: Step-by-Step Guide

Therapeutic relationship

A solid therapeutic relationship is vital for clients to get the most out of therapy and remain in treatment (DeAngelis, 2019). It’s as powerful, if not more so, than the treatment chosen by the therapist (DeAngelis, 2019). Because we can use the quality of the therapeutic relationship to predict clinical […]

How to Foster Clients’ Autonomy in Counseling or Therapy

Autonomy Counseling

Personal autonomy is highly valued across the field of healthcare. Increasingly, patients are encouraged to make autonomous decisions regarding their goals and treatment plans (Entwistle, Carter, Cribb, & McCaffery, 2010). Within counseling and therapy, research recognizes that “client’s autonomy should be respected and collaborative engagement fostered” to encourage the therapeutic […]

Defining the Counseling Process and Its Stages

Counseling process

Counseling typically helps bring about change. The process begins with exploring the challenges a client faces before assisting them in resolving developmental and situational difficulties (Sajjad, 2017). The counselor supports clients with physical, emotional, and mental health issues, helping them resolve crises, reduce feelings of distress, and improve their sense […]

15 Coaching Templates and Samples for Life-Changing Sessions

Coaching templates

Standout coaches often have many traits in common, including talent at active listening and a rich well of life experience from which to draw when inspiring their clients. And yet, it doesn’t matter whether you’re the best listener in the world or have personally scaled Mount Everest. Even the best […]

How to Create Your Signature Coaching Program: 4 Templates

Coaching program

A signature coaching program supports multiple clients' performance and development needs, promoting growth and change (Ribbers & Waringa, 2015). The challenge for designers is to produce powerful coaching programs they can tailor to meet the demands of a growing audience, add value to clients’ lives, and be recognizable as supporting […]

Career Counseling Training: 9 Certifications, Courses, & Degrees

Career counseling certification

Thinking back to your original decision to pursue your current career, do you remember what influenced your choice? Did you consider the impact that pursuing this career would have on your general happiness and wellbeing? How would you like to help others make the right decisions regarding their future and […]

Top 16 Coaching Forms & Templates for Your Sessions

Coaching forms

A critical element of every coaching practice is guiding clients toward their goals, rather than instructing them on the steps they need to take to get to where they need to go. Coaches do this using a combination of guidance and activities to give their clients opportunities to reflect on […]

How Online Interventions Are Changing Coaching Forever

online coaching

Advanced technology and well-designed software can now support an engaging, practical, and rewarding environment for effective online coaching. The “ongoing digitalization and automation of coaching practices is rapidly changing the landscape of coaching,” offering clients personalized services that are no longer limited by time or location (Kamphorst, 2017, p. 625). […]

Top 28 Counseling Books for Practitioners and Beginners

Counseling Books

Are you just starting a career in counseling? Even if you have been in the counseling field for some time, do you want to increase your knowledge? Whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner, books are a resource that will always be available, no matter where you are in […]

How to Become a Life Skills Coach & What the Job Entails

Life Skills Coach

Self-improvement is a particularly popular genre of books, with the number of publications doubling between 1972 and 2000 (du Plessis, 2020). Furthermore, the coaching industry is part of a $2 billion per year (and growing) global market (Lane & Fillery-Travis, 2006). It is apparent that these self-improvement books are highly […]

What Is Career Counseling? 3 Fascinating Theories Explained

career counseling

Changing jobs every few years or less is increasingly the norm among younger generations. A 2020 Deloitte survey found that 31% of Millennials and around 50% of those from Generation Z anticipate leaving their job within the next two years. Working people are increasingly responsible for carving their own path […]

Best Online Coaching Platform to Manage Your Practice

Online coaching platform

Coaching has grown significantly since the 1980s, not only in sports, but in almost any area of human endeavor. Professional coaches now help clients reach their goals in areas as varied as health and wellness, business and executive development, and financial management. There are now numerous high-quality programs offering certificates […]

Financial Counseling 101: Managing Money for Couples & Individuals

Financial Counseling

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘money can't buy happiness?’ If you were given a dollar each time you heard it, by now, you would be very rich. Psychologist Daniel Kahneman (1999) suggested that money does not bring happiness, but the lack of it certainly brings misery. If […]

Why Counseling Is Important: 14 Scientific Benefits of Therapy

Importance of counseling

Counseling is known as one of the greatest helping professions on Earth, yet many people remain perplexed about its true meaning, purpose, and intention. Most likely, the practice of offering counsel to others has always occurred in some fashion within human society. We are relational beings, experience a range of […]

What Is the Coaching Leadership Style?

Coaching Leader

Leadership is increasingly challenging, leading to a variety of evolving leadership styles and approaches. Traditionally, transactional leaders have adopted the principle of social exchange: rewards swapped for services or behavior. Transformational leaders go further, engaging staff and satisfying their needs at a deeper level (Hicks, 2014). Adopting a coaching leadership […]

Self-Coaching Model Explained: 56 Questions & Techniques for Self-Mastery

Self-coaching model

The next time you feel stuck with a problem, I invite you to close your eyes and imagine a wise person. In your thoughts, approach them and describe your problem to them. Imagine their response and the entire detailed conversation. How do they perceive the problem? What is their response […]

14 Sports Psychology Techniques & Tips for Coaching Athletes

Sports Psychology Techniques

When Sir Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile in 1954, it was considered the limit of human performance. At present, more than 20 U.S. runners break that same barrier every year (Stulberg & Magness, 2017). Performance gains have been found in both physical and mental training. Whether competing with elite […]

Financial Coaching: Everything You Need to Run Your Business

Financial Coaching

Financial coaching may not be a household name, but it is an up-and-coming service. Not just for wealthy clients, financial coaching can be an essential part of helping low-income clients achieve financial literacy and economic success. It holds a unique place in the financial services realm because coaches do not […]

How to Become a Life Coach: A Step-by-Step Success Guide

How to become a life coach

I vividly remember my first sessions with two life coaches. Mostly because they were as different as could be. In the first one, I had barely explained the problem when the coach told me to close my eyes to take me through a meditation. She prided herself on being intuitive […]

6 Coaching Conversation Examples and Scripts

Coaching Conversation

When planning your annual family vacation, you can already visualize the route you will take. You see the road ahead and the pit stops, and you see yourself arriving at your destination. The kids pile out of the car, racing to be the first to splash into the sea. It […]

19 Best Coaching Training Institutes and Programs

Coaching Training

There are many ways to become a coach. Some coaches are therapists who transition to work as coaches. Others work in a specific field before transitioning to a coaching role in that same industry. Some simply discover a passion for coaching and pursue training through an online or in-person program. […]

What Is Counseling Psychology? + Training Opportunities

Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychology is an area of professional psychology with strong ties to positive psychology. It is a non-pathologizing, strengths-based approach that can help clients thrive. Although counseling psychology has existed for more than a century, it is perhaps less well known and understood than other disciplines such as clinical psychology. […]

What Is Coaching in the Workplace and Why Is It Important?

Coaching enhances performance. It can benefit anyone, not just athletes. As Bill Gates said: Everyone needs a coach. It doesn't matter whether you're a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player. We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve. Just like […]

What Is the Group Coaching Model?

Benefits of group coaching

While one-to-one coaching is highly effective for working with people who wish to transform their lives, it has its limitations. As a coach, you can only reach so many clients in the time you have available. So how do you help more people improve their relationships, health, and work stress, […]

What Is Leadership Coaching (Including Certification Options)

Leadership coaching

Can coaching change your life? When Justin started working at Facebook, he learned he was “rubbing people the wrong way” (Rosenstein & Schwartz, 2019). His manager Yishan polled Justin’s colleagues, who said he was not listening to feedback, sharing credit, or emphasizing “we” over “me.” Yishan decided to commit to […]

12 Effective Coaching Models to Help Your Clients Grow

Coaching models

Coaching, in its many forms, offers powerful insights for thousands of people around the world. Whether it's a project team that aims to optimize performance, a professional struggling to regain balance in their busy life, or the leader of a Fortune 100 company delivering a new organizational vision, each wishes […]

Characteristics of Effective Counseling and Counselors

Counseling, therapy, and psychology are often stereotyped by society with misconceptions and stigma. However, effective therapy, quality counseling, and psychotherapy are about a relationship, developing skills, learning techniques, and improving the concept we have of ourselves and the world around us. Effective counseling helps relieve distress, build resilience, improve self-esteem, […]

20 Coaching Courses and Online Opportunities

If your car breaks down, you call a mechanic; when your heater fails, you contact an HVAC specialist; but what do you do if your life is no longer working out? That’s when a coach can help. Coaching offers individuals and teams support to understand their circumstances, overcome their problems, […]

Coaching Psychology Defined + Training Options

Coaching is becoming an increasingly popular field, but the psychological theory underlying it is not fully formed. Coaching shares many similarities with therapy, which has a much more defined body of literature behind it. Having a foundational knowledge in coaching psychology can make you a more effective coach. In this […]

How to Apply the Wheel of Life in Coaching

Have you ever felt that your life is off kilter? While some areas receive all of your attention, others get none. Perhaps your career is on track, but you no longer have time for your family and friends, or your work is unfulfilling, and you are not growing or learning. […]

Executive Coaching: Certification, Career, and Job Opportunities

If coaching intrigues you, then consider executive coaching as a field where you can make a significant impact. Because the effects of executive coaching extend beyond the individual client to the whole organization, the work is a good fit for those who aspire to have a broad societal impact. Kilburg […]

What’s Your Coaching Approach? 10 Different Coaching Styles Explained

Life coaching is defined as “a dynamic interaction that facilitates the learning, development, and performance of the person being coached” (Lennard, 2010, p. 1). It is a way to promote balance and harmony (Martin, 2001) by supporting clients in living to their fullest potential. While there is enormous variability in […]

What Is the GROW Coaching Model? (incl. Questions + Examples)

Coaching is a beautiful, collaborative process between coach and client. Being effective in this profession takes a certain amount of skill beyond being a good listener. Asking the right types of questions to encourage a client to have a personal insight into their own growth is the overall goal. Having […]

What Are SOAP Notes in Counseling? (incl. Examples)

How do doctors or therapists track what is happening with a patient or client from one visit to the next? How do these professionals communicate this information with other professionals also working with the patient or client? Years ago, this type of communication was not easy. It often meant that […]

12 Popular Counseling Approaches to Consider

Looking for a counselor may feel like an overwhelming endeavor, especially for someone already dealing with troubling symptoms, trauma, or loss. The myriad of counseling approaches, styles, and specialties are undoubtedly confusing. With this article, we will guide you through more than 12 popular counseling approaches and consider specific challenges, […]

28 Coaching Techniques Confident Coaches Use

While coaching models and frameworks help provide structure to the practice, skilled and confident coaches draw from an arsenal of techniques. The most powerful coaches know the value in developing the intuitive, fluid art of using different techniques based on what will be most effective for their desired goal. In […]

63 Inspiring Counseling Quotes and Do They Ring True?

Eloquent and meaningful quotes have inspired people since ancient times. Quotes cover a wide range of topics, and many are focused on psychology, wellness, counseling, and the pursuit of happiness. Some quotes are powerful motivators, or in the words of Polish author Tadeusz Borowski, “What a curious power words have” […]

Coaching Philosophy: What It Is and How to Develop Your Own

Coaching comes in such wondrous variety, and so do the people who are lucky enough to work in this profession. Fortunately, most coaches get into the business to serve others, and with that heart of service comes a pathway to a personal coaching philosophy. Personal values and integrity in the […]

73 Powerful Coaching Questions to Ask Your Clients

A powerful coaching question ignites the imagination of your client and helps them to overcome boundaries. Let me ask you these four questions right away: How long have you been coaching? When you started your career, how did you define a powerful question? How has that changed? What did you […]

How Do Coaching, Mentoring, and Counseling Differ?

No matter who you are, we can all do with a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on, or someone to shine a light on the path ahead. Fortunately, there are many empathic people who would love to assist us with our challenges, and they fulfill various roles. You can […]

Must-Have Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders

The old way of being a boss is over. No longer can the leader drop orders from a place of position, unless they are in the military. Business is typically not life and death like it is for service members. Increasingly, businesses are finding that leadership with effective coaching skills […]

54 Inspirational Coaching Quotes and Do They Ring True?

Every coach will tell you that everyone needs a coach. Most coaches have a coach. In addition to fully processing what is in our heads, everyone can benefit from these uplifting human beings. A coach will stand in your corner, to show you what you are capable of in life. […]

Positive Psychology Coaching and Life Coaching: What’s the Difference?

As coaches, we know how transformative the coaching experience can be for clients. Many people who seek coaching usually have some idea of an area of life they want help with, but it’s through coaching that they begin to gain a deeper understanding of all the different areas in life […]

27 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Counseling

Anyone who has had the opportunity to work with a skilled counselor can likely state the personal benefits of the experience. Self-reporting always offers challenges in building empirical evidence. An abundance of meta-analyses has gathered scientific proof that there are similar results across cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and diagnoses. Come along […]

8 PERMA Model Activities and Worksheets to Apply With Clients

One of the undeniable benefits of any form of therapy, coaching, or counseling is the greater sense of wellbeing and happiness it can help you achieve. Many people have found that finding the right type of psychological support has helped them overcome challenges and barriers they initially thought impossible and […]

Carl Rogers’ Actualizing Tendency and Person-Centered Therapy

Psychotherapist and humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers began his career working with children. Later, as his work shifted to include working with adults and teaching, he began articulating his therapeutic approach. As he increased his skills and experience, a solid approach surfaced: Client-Centered Therapy (later called Person-Centered Therapy.) In 1942, he […]

100 Most Powerful Life Coaching Questions [+PDF]

A great coach doesn’t give answers. Instead, they ask powerful questions to unlock and surface a better way forward for their clients. But what should you ask as a coach to get better outcomes, help others deal with challenges, and grow? The ‘right’ questions will always vary depending on your […]

32+ Coaching Skills and Techniques for Life Coaches & Leaders

Coaching skills are highly transferrable and exceedingly valuable. And they are also very trainable. With conscious effort, anyone can enhance their ability to communicate better, listen more attentively, or motivate others to grow – whether that’s as an individual or as an employee. But what skills should we focus our […]

The Top 20 Life Coaching Books You Should Read

No matter who you are, where you are in life, or where you want to be, most of us will admit to wanting to be better in some domain. Whether that’s personally or professionally, within our close relationships, or generally cultivating a better sense of purpose in everything we do. […]

12 Tips for Coaching Kids: Learn How to Coach Children for Life

For many young people in today’s modern world, the list of demands they find themselves dealing with is endless. From studies at school to managing expectations of their teachers, parents, and friends, to social skills and succeeding with their hobbies, their health, personal development and simply making sense of the […]

30 Proven Benefits of Life Coaching & Mentoring

Life coaching and mentoring are booming fields. They are popular professions worldwide and show no signs of decreasing. Certification programs abound, but as you will read, this is an unregulated field. Certification is not required. Testing and licensing do not exist. Unlike people trained as psychologists or counselors who are […]

38 Best Coaching Tools and Assessments To Apply With Clients

As with many practices carried out today, the origins of coaching as we know it has roots stretching back to ancient Greece. Providing some of humanity’s earliest recorded forays into the world of coaching and coaching theory, the renowned ancient Greek philosopher Socrates methodically asked questions and engaged in dialogue […]

What is Applied Positive Psychology?

There is nothing more practical than a good theory. And this was never more true than in the case of positive psychology and its many applications. Chris Peterson defined positive psychology as “the scientific study of what goes right in life” and what makes “life most worth living” (2006, p.4). […]

19 Best Positive Psychology Interventions + How to Apply Them

For many years, the prime focus of psychology was to diagnose and treat people with mental health problems and psychopathological issues. However, this focus began to shift in 1998, when Dr. Martin Seligman and Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi popularized the concept of positive psychology, an offshoot of clinical psychology that crafted […]

What is Flow in Psychology? Definition and 10+ Activities to Induce Flow

Have you ever been completely and utterly immersed in a task? Oblivious to the outside world, focused only on your own progress and what’s going on right here and now? Maybe you’ve been doing something you love, like playing music or a certain sport, before realizing that time has totally […]

Child Therapy: 19 Counseling Techniques & Worksheets for Kids

Child therapy is not always easy for parents to discuss. With the stigma of mental health, nobody wants their child to "need therapy," which is unfortunate because therapy can change lives. Whether kids have traumatic issues or are struggling with the brave and simple act of being human, qualified professionals […]

10 Person-Centered Therapy Techniques Inspired by Carl Rogers [+PDF]

The idea of client-centered therapy might seem redundant – after all, when is therapy not centered on the client? This term seems redundant now, but when it was first developed, it was a novel idea. Before the humanistic therapies were introduced in the 1950s, the only real forms of therapy […]

How To Become a Therapist: Requirements, Degrees & Experience

If you want to become a therapist but are not sure where to start, you have come to the right place. While there are several different types of therapists, psychologists, and counselors (distinctions which we will address in this article), the path to each profession is similar. Every one of […]

Your Ultimate Life Coaching Tools Library (+PDF & Exercises)

What is the role of a life coach? While the title of ‘life coach’ may sound a little vague at face value, a talented life coach can empower clients to find new levels of fulfillment and achieve rewarding goals across both the personal and professional domains. These goals can span […]

8 Advanced Positive Psychology Coaching Skills to Explore

No one is safe… … except maybe positive psychology practitioners... Forged in a world of cutting-edge research, new and more effective therapies coming out, and a science that is constantly correcting itself, positive psychology has the unique luxury of endurance in the job market. Maybe you’re looking for a new […]

Positive Psychology Examples: 5 Ways to Put it Into Practice

Positive psychology is the scientific study of positive experiences, states, and traits. It grew as a field after the realization that psychology focused largely on dysfunctional and pathological disorders while largely ignoring the research of what conditions might lead to optimal functioning. "The aim of positive psychology is to catalyze a change […]