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25 Values Worksheets to Enrich Your Clients’ Lives With More Meaning

Values Worksheets

Do you remember that moment when you finally gained clarity around your key values? I do. I remember feeling like everything finally made sense: why I had made certain choices in the past, why certain situations bored me, why I was drawn to some people and repelled by others. Best […]

6 Worksheets & Templates to Find Your Ikigai

Ikigai Worksheets

What was your reason for getting up this morning? Often, we pass through life unclear of the meaning, motivation, or values behind what we do and how we live. And yet, it doesn’t have to be this way. The Japanese practice of ikigai helps you find your reason for living, […]

Finding Your Ikigai: 8 Questionnaires and Tests

Finding your Ikigai

The Japanese art of kintsugi involves repairing broken pottery with gold leaf to produce something more valuable and beautiful than the original. Imperfections form part of the character and the beauty of the new piece of art (Ayuda, 2018). How we live, personally and professionally, can also become fractured. Another Japanese […]

35 Ikigai Quotes That Will Inspire You and Make You Reflect

Ikigai Quotes

‘Ikigai’ (ee-key-guy) is a small word with a profound meaning. Translated from Japanese, ‘ikigai’ means reason to live. It is primarily associated with the town of Okinawa, which boasts the longest living people on earth. We will look more closely at this fascinating concept, with particular emphasis on inspiring ikigai quotes […]

5 Best Ikigai Books for Living a Meaningful Life [+ Summaries]

Best Ikigai Books

Ikigai is as much a way of life as an idea. While the Japanese approach to finding and living in a meaningful way is ultimately a simple one, its effects are far-reaching. This article reviews five of the best books written about ikigai. It explores how the Japanese define and share […]

Optimistic Explanatory Style: 5 Examples of How to Foster It

Optimistic Explanatory Style

Oh dear… you were late for work, again. Or maybe you spotted a typo in your presentation? Did you not make it to the grocery store in time? Or you trained hard for that marathon but didn’t make the cut-off time? Did you do poorly on your exam? If you […]

The Philosophy of Ikigai: 3 Examples About Finding Purpose


Ikigai (ee-key-guy) is a Japanese concept that combines the terms iki, meaning “alive” or “life,” and gai, meaning “benefit” or “worth.” When combined, these terms mean that which gives your life worth, meaning, or purpose. Ikigai is similar to the French term “raison d’etre” or “reason for being.” In this […]

15 Ways to Find Your Purpose of Life and Realize Your Meaning

Purpose of Life

Reading my philosophy thesis was like receiving an email from my 25-year-old self. “You don’t find meaning; you create it,” was my answer to the question, what is meaning? Drawn in by the unforgiving directness of the existentialist philosophers, I was (perhaps naively) attempting to respond to the question that […]

Logotherapy: Viktor Frankl’s Theory of Meaning

As the sun cascades behind the distant mountains, it creates a beautiful array of orange, peach, and pink. When we bask in the glory of a sunset and reflect on creation or enjoy the embrace of a loved one, it provides meaning. As we engage with our community, participate in […]

7 Best Books to Help You Find the Meaning of Life

What is our purpose? What aims should we pursue to live a fulfilling life? There is no more important topic than the meaning of our lives. Many thinkers, past and present, have grappled with it (Baggini, 2005; & Eagleton, 2007.) Broadly speaking, the theorists of meaning fall into two camps. […]

Identifying and Challenging Core Beliefs: 12 Helpful Worksheets

What are core beliefs, and why do they matter? Core beliefs are our most deeply held assumptions about ourselves, the world, and others. They are firmly embedded in our thinking and significantly shape our reality and behaviors. In fact, nothing matters more than our core beliefs. They are the root […]

Socratic Questioning in Psychology: Examples and Techniques

The philosopher Socrates is something of an enigma. Condemned to death in 399 BC and leaving no written works, we rely extensively on the writings of his pupil, philosophical heavyweight Plato (Honderich, 2005). Perhaps Socrates’ most significant legacy is his contribution to the art of conversation, known as Socratic questioning. […]

Realizing Your Meaning: 5 Ways to Live a Meaningful Life

At some stage of our time on Earth, we might wonder about the meaning of our life. If you have ever had this thought, then take comfort that you are not alone. There is ample anecdotal evidence that people are looking for ways to live a more meaningful life. Living […]

What Does it Mean to Have a Sense of Coherence? (+Scale)

According to Harvard Health, the Sense of Coherence Scale (SOC) is a scale that assesses how people view life and a scale that seeks to identify how people might use their resources to overcome resistance and maintain and develop their health. The concept of a sense of coherence (SOC) originated […]

The 3 Best Questionnaires for Measuring Values

Our values fuel our actions, emotions, and behavior. It is a crucial aspect of significant branches of studies, including sociology, philosophy, education, and psychology. Values are tied in with ethics and morals; they guide our judgment and prepare us to choose actions according to their consequences. The human value system […]

#2 Podcast – Passion, Work, and Money

In this episode, Hugo and Seph talk about their entrepreneurial journey, their passion, and the tough decisions they've had to make in order to follow it. Packed with a lot of practical and strategic tips, listening to this episode may inspire you to find and follow your own passion in […]

Introvert vs Extrovert: A Look at the Spectrum and Psychology

The concept of extroversion isn't new, under one heading or another, theories of extroversion/introversion have been apparent in psychological literature for over 100 years. Many theories incorporate an individual's level of extroversion/introversion as a key factor underpinning personality. Extroversion plays a role in mediating how a person tends to direct […]

What is Eudaimonia? Aristotle and Eudaimonic Well-Being

There are a million different ways to define happiness. Especially in the field of psychology, where operational definitions are a constant work in progress. Eudaimonia is not only one of the oldest, but it has stood the test of time for another reason. That reason being, eudaimonia has the whole […]

What Are Attributional and Explanatory Styles in Psychology?

How do you view positive and negative life events? Perhaps you blame yourself when faced with failure while never giving yourself credit for the good. In the face of adversity, can you see past the present moment and know that things will get better? The way you attribute and explain […]

What is Positive Aging? 10 Tips to Promote the Positive Aspects of Aging

How do you feel about growing old? For some, it's a scary time filled with change and loneliness. But it doesn't need to be that way. In fact, it shouldn't. We're social creatures and growing old isn't a solo sport. That’s what positive aging is all about. How we choose […]

What is Self-Transcendence? Definition and 6 Examples (+PDF)

Self-transcendence: it’s a term you’ve probably heard before. However, if you’re like me, you never had a good grasp on exactly what it meant. You might have a hazy idea of “transcending” being akin to “rising above” and think of the concept as rising above oneself, but you don’t really […]

Values Clarification: How Reflection On Core Values Is Used In CBT

Values clarification is a technique used in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) that aims to help people understand their value systems. This article will cover what values clarification is and why it's important in CBT. Finally, this article will cover how to use values clarification in therapy. Before you continue, we thought […]

What is the Meaning of Life According to Positive Psychology

“Ultimately, man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather must recognize that it is he who is asked. In a word, each man is questioned by life; and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life; to life he can only […]

Existential Therapy: Make Your Own Meaning

You may have a certain set of assumptions or associations pop into your head when you hear (or read) the word “existential.” Perhaps you think of movies or books where “everyone dies” seems to be the overarching message. Maybe you recall philosophers you read about in high school or college […]

How To Accept The Impermanence Of Life

Moments come and go. Days pass by, turning into weeks, then months, then years. You and the life you lead are constantly changing. Nothing is permanent. It is beneficial to remind yourself of this as you confront adversity and as negative emotions become overwhelming. At some point, nearly all of us […]

On the Meaning of Meaning: What Are We Really Looking For?

If you have ever wondered about meaning, you are not alone in that quest for answers. The question of meaning is not really one question but actually represents a cipher for a vast number of further questions. And it is by no means obvious whether these questions are answerable at […]