Positive Emotions

The Broaden-and-Build Theory of Positive Emotions explains how positive emotions can broaden one’s thoughts, actions, and awareness.

What is the Positive and Negative Affect Schedule? (PANAS)

positive and negative effect schedule

The Positive and Negative Affect Schedule or (PANAS) is a scale that consists of different words that describe feelings and emotions. (Magyar-Moe, 2009). One of these scales measures positive affect, and the other measures negative affect. Positive affect refers to the propensity to experience positive emotions and interact with others […]

What is Emotion Regulation? + 6 Emotional Skills and Strategies

emotion regulation

Emotions signal threats and rewards. Much like a compass that guides us in the right direction, emotions have the power to guide us to the right actions. For example, when a child commits a mistake, he might get scared and lie to his parents about it, or avoid confronting them […]

Using the Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire

Emotion Regulation Questionnaire

Used to describe a person’s ability to manage and respond to emotional experiences, emotion regulation is a concept receiving ever-growing interest in mental health and psychotherapy research. Regardless of the source, unchecked emotions have the potential to spin out of control and escalate to regrettable and sometimes distressing situations and […]

What are Positive and Negative Emotions and Do We Need Both?

Positive and negative emotions

You might think that positive psychology is all about positive emotions. You’d be forgiven for thinking that, given positive psychology’s inherent positive bent! But the field isn’t all about positive emotions. Negative emotions are an inevitable part of life and something that we need to experience in order to have […]

What are Negative Emotions and How to Control Them?

negative emotions

We all experience emotions from an early age. As adults attempting to navigate the often chaotic world of modern life, the range of emotions we experience in a day can change dramatically. Our ability to feel and respond to our emotions is often taken for granted. We rarely stop to […]

What is Positive and Negative Affect in Psychology?

Positive Affectivity

The difference between “affect” and “effect” is hard enough for a lot of us to grasp. Which is which, again? Do I have an affect or an effect on my spouse? Does my spelling affect my grade or effect my grade? Keeping track of these two different versions can prove […]

What is Affective Forecasting? Definition + Daniel Gilbert’s Work

What is Affective Forecasting? Definition + Daniel Gilbert's Work

The term “affective forecasting” may be a bit off-putting. After all, what in the world can “affective forecasting” mean? Doesn’t forecasting have something to do with the weather? Or perhaps statistical modeling? Predicting sales for next quarter? All of these activities require some form of forecasting; the main difference is […]

What is Positive Mindset: 89 Ways to Achieve a Positive Mental Attitude

postive mindset

It is probably not a surprise to you that positivity is, inherently, at the center of positive psychology. Positivity doesn’t always refer to simply smiling and looking cheerful, however—positivity is more about one’s overall perspective on life and their tendency to focus on all that is good in life. In […]

5 Worksheets for Challenging Negative Automatic Thoughts (+PDF)

Challenging Negative Automatic Thoughts: Examples + Worksheets (PDF)

Automatic thoughts are images, words, or other kinds of mental activity that pop into your head in response to a trigger. These thoughts can seem mundane or unimportant, but they can, in fact, be extremely impactful. The types of automatic thoughts a person has can affect their health outcomes as […]

Positive Emotions: A List of 26 Examples & Definition in Psychology

positive emotions

Most people like to feel good, and positive emotions just plain feel good. They don’t necessarily need a reason or cause behind them for us to enjoy them; we just do. Experiencing emotions like happiness, excitement, joy, hope, and inspiration is vital for anyone who wants to lead a happy […]

What is Awe? A Definition And 3 Ways To Live An 'Awesome' Life

3 suggestions for a truly AWE–some life awe experience

Each of us is the protagonist of our own life. Our aims and goals feel like the most important things in the world. However, for most of us, time feels scarce and as a result, accomplishing everything we want to can feel unattainable. But every now and again, a moment […]

The Pursuit of Happiness: Using the Power of Positive Emotions

Happiness is such a central concept in life that not many people pause to consider what happiness is and why we strive so tirelessly to attain it. The pursuit of happiness is not just an abstract idea but a tenet integral to humanity. It is encoded in Western culture for […]

6 Exercises for Positive Emotions: Start Your Upward Spiral Today

Researchers have found new ways to increase positive emotions and well-being. Psychologists including Martin Seligman, Barbara Fredrickson, Jon Kabat-Zin, and Amy Cuddy, have shared findings to help increase the level of positivity you can experience in your life. The six techniques described below have all been shown to boost positive […]

Broaden-and-Build Theory of Positive Emotions (+PDF)

positive emotions

The broaden-and build-theory is a model for explaining the mechanisms behind positive emotions in our minds and bodies. What are its effects? What is the evolutionary reason is behind these emotions? Studying emotions has always been a challenge, but it is important to understand and advance our well-being. Researcher Barbara Fredrickson […]

10 Must-Watch TED Talks on Positive Emotions

TedTalks on Mindfulness

Barbara Fredrickson (2009), the researcher who developed the Broaden-and-Build Theory, introduced us to the idea that as we experience more positive emotions, we travel in an upward spiral where happiness and well-being can become a reality. Fredrickson's research on the dynamics and benefits of positive emotions focuses primarily on the 10 […]