Here you’ll find articles on mindfulness research and the effectiveness of the Mindfulness X protocol, redirecting your the attention to the current moment.

The Mindful Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS)

Mindful Attention Awareness Scale

Ever found yourself driving and suddenly unaware of how you got to your present location? Do you find yourself walking fast to get somewhere and missing the experience of getting there? How about plowing through your meal without tasting it? We are all susceptible to the “busyness” of life and […]

The Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire (FFMQ)

Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire

Mindfulness is the connecting bridge between our mind and the present moment. It is the art of staying aware of what is happening right now, what we are thinking about this very moment, and how we are feeling at present. Jon Kabat Zinn, the proponent and one of the most […]

58 Science-Based Mindful Eating Exercises and Tips

Mindful eating

Mindful eating is not a trendy new diet or simple lifestyle change that is guaranteed to help you shed your extra weight. It’s not about molding your body into a more desirable shape or helping you increase your strength, and it’s not here to tell you what you should and […]

Mindfulness Coaching Using The Mindfulness X Program

mindfulness x

The essence is mindfulness is being aware of what the present moment offers. It may seem like a straight-forward, even simple, concept but tuning in to the here-and-now can be challenging and fraught with barriers. You may have observed in your clients’ increasingly busy lives that time is not taken […]

18 Mindfulness Games, Worksheets and Activities for Kids

mindfulness for kids

You have probably heard about mindfulness before. After all, it’s a pretty big topic lately; even those who are not involved in the world of positive psychology have likely at least heard about mindfulness. We know that mindfulness is a great tool for adults to be more relaxed, beat their […]

Mindfulness and the Brain: What Does Research and Neuroscience Say?

mindfulness research and neuroscience

We have all heard the term "mindfulness" but what does it really mean in terms of the brain and in terms of neuroscience? Being present in the moment is very empowering. It means focusing your awareness on the here and now. It’s about embracing each moment of the day and […]

What is Mindful Yoga? 4 Poses + Yoga Retreats

what is mindful yoga

Much is known about the benefits of mindfulness and the benefits of yoga, but what happens when you combine the two together? A relatively new form of yoga called Mindful Yoga, applies traditional Buddhist mindfulness teachings to the physical practice of yoga, offering even deeper insights into the mind and […]

What is Mindfulness Coloring? + 39 More Creative Mindfulness Art Ideas

mindfulness coloring and art

In the hustle and bustle of modern life it is more important than ever to find ways to become attuned to our inner state and what is happening around us. We are bombarded with sensory stimuli that prevent us from being fully present in the moment - with ourselves, others […]

7 Great Benefits of Mindfulness in Positive Psychology

Mindfulness Psychology

If you have dipped your toes into positive psychology, you have likely discovered one of the more popular and potentially life-changing topics within the field: mindfulness. It’s a topic that has grown in interest and potential over the last few decades, and it’s even gone “mainstream” (e.g., turned up on […]

Mindful Eating and Running: The Health Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindful Eating

Mindfulness has been covered extensively on the site, with lots of helpful ideas and resources focusing on how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life, and the benefits of doing so. Mindfulness is applicable in a number of areas. Whether it’s addressing stress in the workplace, coping with personal challenges, […]

What Is Mindfulness? Definition + Benefits (Incl. Psychology)

What is mindfulness

You’ve heard of mindfulness. Maybe you’ve even tried practicing mindfulness or read about its role in helping to manage stress. You’re not alone—we live in an extremely fast-paced world, and sometimes, we forget to check in with ourselves. In this article, we'll look at what mindfulness really means, how you […]

Mindfulness at Work: Using Mindful Leadership in the Workplace

Mindfulness at work

The workplace can be a fast-paced, stressful environment. Is it possible to thrive, rather than flounder, in the work environment? The key may lie with mindfulness – gently noticing what is going on for us, in the present moment, without passing judgment. Though the research is somewhat lagging in the […]

How to Live in the Present Moment: 35 Exercises and Tools (+ Quotes)

living in the present

You’ve heard it said before—probably many times—that it’s important to live in the present moment. You also might have heard similar pieces of advice like: “Don’t get caught up in thinking about the past or the future—live in the now!” “Be present in your own life.” “All you have is […]

Mindfulness in Education: 31+ Ways of Teaching Mindfulness in Schools

Mindfulness in Education: 31+ Ways of Teaching Mindfulness in Schools

Mindfulness is not only a popular topic for researchers and academics; it’s also becoming quite the mainstream phenomenon. One of the reasons for the popularity of mindfulness is its simplicity. It is easy (relatively, anyway), inexpensive, and can be practiced by anyone at any time. Although it might sound like […]

60+ Benefits of Yoga for Mental & Physical Health

60+ Benefits of Yoga for Men & Women to Increase Mental & Physical Health

Have you ever done yoga? For most people these days, the answer you get to that question is “yes.” Yoga is one of the most popular physical activities and group classes in the United States, although it wasn’t always that way. Yoga’s reputation started out in the West as something […]

[NEW] Mindfulness X©: Relaunch of the Improved and Extended Version

mindfulness x

Does the idea of giving your own mindfulness training appeal to you? Or have you been thinking about integrating mindfulness into your practice or programs? If so, Mindfulness X© is meant for you… https://positivepsychology.com/mindfulness-x/ Mindfulness X© has been improved and extended for 2018 based on the invaluable feedback from a […]

Mindfulness X: Integrating Mindfulness Into Your Client’s Daily Life

mindfulness x

Since the year 2000, the rise in scientific studies on the benefits of science-based mindfulness has led to many valuable insights into the underlying mechanisms and positive effects of mindfulness. From Mindfulness-based stress reduction (Kabbit-Zinn) to mindfulness-based eating awareness (Kristeller, Bear, & Quillian-Wolever) this research is successfully developing valuable interventions […]

Mindfulness X: Training Template for Practitioners

mindfulness x

Mindfulness has been proven very helpful for many people. The combination of psychology and the practice behind mindfulness appears to be the perfect approach to help people better understand how the mind works and how to put insights into practice to create a more balanced life.   Do you want […]