Articles on the applied positive psychology of relationships and communication based on the latest scientific insights.

100+ Positive Parenting Tips, Skills and Techniques

positive parenting tips

To back up the positive parenting tips laid out in this article, all of the research has been discussed in our ‘What is Positive Parenting?’ piece, which provides a highly comprehensive compilation of evidence-based positive parenting techniques. If you’re looking for some more actionable positive parenting tips and techniques, including […]

49 Communication Activities, Exercises, and Games

Communication games and activities

If you’re looking for a resource that’s rich with ideas, tips, and exercises that will help you become a better communicator and improve your relationships with your family, friends, and coworkers, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn about how important communication is in a relationship and […]

Positive Parenting Books, Training and Resources

In our two previous articles, we have included many helpful resources and positive parenting techniques. There are so many great resources and programs it can be hard to navigate through them all. We’ve done our best to put some of the highlights together for you. This is your go-to source for […]

What is Positive Parenting? A Look at the Research and Benefits

positive parenting

Most adults will become parents at some point in their lives (i.e., around 89.6% of the adult population worldwide; Ranjan, 2015). And while most of us strive to be great parents, we may also find ourselves confused and frustrated by the seemingly endless challenges of parenthood. As both parents of […]

Marriage Psychology and Therapy: The Science of Successful Relationships

marriage psychology and therapy

Have you ever considered therapy for your marriage? Have you contemplated therapy before saying, "I do?" If you're reading this article chances are it's because you're married and struggling, thinking about getting married, or contemplating divorce. You're looking for answers to that age-old question: Can we make this work? You're […]

What is Active Constructive Responding?

Active Constructive Responding Relationships

How positive we are when our significant other shares with us something they express with enthusiasm and feel strongly about, it turns out, not only speaks volumes about our attachment styles but also, have a long-term impact on the quality and longevity of our relationships. These micro instances are often […]

18+ Ways to Handle Emotional Blackmail (+ Examples & Quotes)

Ways to handle emotional blackmail

Emotional blackmail is a dysfunctional form of manipulation that people use to place demands and threaten victims to get what they want. The undertone of emotional blackmail is if you don’t do what I want when I want it, you will suffer. The term was introduced by Susan Forward, Ph.D., […]

10 Ways To Build Trust in a Relationship

How to build trust in relationships

Trust: You cannot have a healthy relationship without it. And yet, virtually all of us can bring to mind a scenario where our trust has been broken. But how do we develop trust in the first place? Can trust that's been broken be rebuilt? This article explores how to build […]

12 Examples of Positive Punishment & Negative Reinforcement

positive punishment by boss

You might be thinking that “positive punishment” sounds like an oxymoron, after all, how can punishment be positive? Not many people "like" punishment, right? The disconnect in understanding this concept comes from the usage of the word “positive;” here at, we generally use the term “positive” to refer to […]

Codependency: What Are The Signs & How To Overcome It

Codependency: What Are The Signs & How To Overcome It

Codependency refers to a psychological construct involving an unhealthy relationship that people might share with those closest to them. It was originally thought to involve families of substance abuse but has since grown to include other types of dysfunctional relationships. Read on to learn about what codependency is and how […]

Interpersonal Effectiveness: 9 Worksheets & Examples (+ PDF)

Interpersonal Effectiveness: 9 Worksheets & Examples (+ PDF)

What is the most important skill a person can have? There is a myriad of skills that can be added to our repertoire, enhanced, and improved. There are thousands of courses, millions of books and articles, and countless tips and suggestions to improve our lives by cultivating a certain skill […]

21 Couples Therapy Worksheets, Techniques, & Activities (PDF)

couples therapy

What if I told you there was a magic recipe for making a relationship work? I’m sure you wouldn’t believe me, and for good reason! It’s easy to see how difficult relationships can be. If there was a totally effective method for happy, healthy relationships out there, surely someone would […]

Romantic Relationships: Enhancing Your Capacity for Connection

Relationship Therapy: Enhancing Your Capacity for Connection

In today’s world, it may seem like a healthy and happy relationship is nearly impossible to build or maintain. With all of the added stress of working in the digital age, the ubiquitous interruptions of social media, and the breakneck pace at which our lives are now lived, cultivating a […]

7 Ways to Improve Communication in Relationships

7 Ways to Improve Communication

We love connecting with other people because it makes us happy—good communication is the key when it comes to positive social interaction. But what does a healthy conversation look like? How can you avoid over-communicating? And how can you improve communication in a romantic relationship? Read on for a summary […]

How to Get Your Desired Behaviour Using Operant Conditioning

Operant Conditioning with Children

There are two types of reinforcement: positive and negative. You may have had moments where one of these forms of reinforcement worked well for you, while another stirred up feelings of shame or resentment. Have you ever rewarded a child with candy for good behavior? That is an example of […]

The 10 Traits of a Positive Community

Humans are made to live and work with others in a positive community where we can thrive. We are social beings that have evolved to exist within communities. “Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.” –Paul Ryan The quality of a community […]

Social Comparison: An Unavoidable Upward Or Downward Spiral

Social Comparison is a well-established topic in psychology literature, where its positive and negative aspects have been widely debated. But do we really need to compare ourselves to others, and will the practice help us in the long term?  Comparing ourselves to others is one of the many ways we […]