Here you will find articles on meditation; a practice during which you direct your attention to the here and now until you no longer direct anything and can experience a state of being.

Stress relief meditation

13 Ways Meditation Can Help You Relieve Stress (+ 3 Scripts)

Feeling stressed? Take a few moments to focus on your breath rising and falling while sitting comfortably with a straight back in a quiet place. [...]

Visualization Meditation

How to Practice Visualization Meditation: 3 Best Scripts

Visualization is a component of many meditation practices, including loving-kindness meditation (or metta) and the other three Brahma Viharas of compassion, appreciative joy, and equanimity [...]

Guided meditation scripts

3 Simple Guided Meditation Scripts for Improving Wellbeing

Guided meditation is a great starting point for those new to meditation and a great way to refresh your practice if you are a seasoned [...]

Body scan meditation

How to Perform Body Scan Meditation: 3 Best Scripts

A body scan meditation is a specific form of mindfulness meditation that requires the practitioner to focus all of their attention on the body. The [...]


Stoic Mindfulness and Meditations: 7 Best Podcasts and Books

Stoicism is a philosophical tradition with roots in Greek and Roman antiquity. Its founder was Zeno (3rd century B.C.). The influential Zeno taught philosophy to [...]

20 Best Mindfulness Meditation Podcasts to Enjoy

Recently, there has been a growing focus on the benefits of mindfulness. Are you curious about how to get started with mindfulness and mindfulness meditation? [...]

The Power of Deep Breathing: 7 Techniques and Exercises

Who hasn’t heard, said, or been told the following when experiencing stress, fear, or anger? “Just take a deep breath and relax…” This common expression [...]

5 Differences Between Mindfulness and Meditation

The internet is flooded with information about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. The words are often used interchangeably, with little explanation of either. For [...]

Progressive Muscle Relaxation in therapy

Progressive Muscle Relaxation: 10 Scripts for Effective PMR

Three… two… one… I relax my shoulders quickly and completely. When the tension is released, I feel a warm glow in my muscles, almost a [...]

10 Reasons Why People Don’t Meditate (And How to Respond)

You’re probably familiar with meditation’s many positive outcomes. In fact, you probably extoll its virtues to anyone who you believe could benefit from it, which [...]

3 Mindfulness Exercises Pack (PDF)