Positive Leadership

Positive leadership holds the potential to ignite the potential within individuals and organizations. Here, we bring together the latest research and insights from the field of leadership.

Theory X and Theory Y

Theory X and Theory Y (& Z): Employee Motivation Explained

Most leaders and managers are aware of the importance of motivating their employees and creating an environment for them to perform at their best (Sennewald [...]

Contingency theory

Contingency Theory: Mastering Leadership Flexibility

While most of us would recognize a great leader, few of us know what it takes to become one (Hill et al., 2022). And it’s [...]

Change Management

Change Management: The Art of Positive Change

While change is a given for all modern organizations, it often fails due to its complexity and the resistance it faces (Dhiman & Marques, 2020). [...]

Leadership books

15 Best Leadership Books for Optimal Growth

When you think of leaders, who do you immediately think of? Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth II, and Martin Luther King, Jr. may come [...]

Positive Feedback

How to Give Positive Feedback: A Crucial Leadership Skill

Only 22% of employees feel they receive frequent, meaningful feedback from their managers (Gallup, 2022a). More worryingly, 37% of managers feel uncomfortable or incapable of [...]

Leadership Styles

Exploring Different Leadership Styles: A Comprehensive Guide

Leadership plays a crucial role in the success and growth of any organization. The way leaders guide and influence their teams significantly impacts productivity, engagement, [...]

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership: How to Transform Your Leadership Style

Servant leadership is a transformational leadership philosophy that puts the wellbeing and growth of others first. In times like ours, in which fostering engagement, enhancing [...]

Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety & Positive Psychology: A Leadership Guide

Have you ever led a collaborative team meeting, only to be met with a deafening silence? Often, even with the best intentions, leaders struggle to [...]

Johari Window

How to Use the Johari Window to Improve Leadership

To be an effective leader requires many things, from building safe environments for team members, facilitating positive emotions, to providing accountability and motivation (to name [...]

Authentic leadership

What Is the Authentic Leadership Style? 3 Real-Life Examples

Being a great leader is no easy job. Talented leaders must balance the input and needs of their followers while still ensuring the collective meets [...]