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Articles about the effects of optimism, how to foster optimism and bring more positive emotions in your life as well as the growth mindset to adopt.

What is the Life Orientation Test and How To Use It? (LOT-R)

Life orientation test

Optimism is a mental attitude tied in with the belief that all our actions will have a desirable outcome. It is a psychological capacity that affects the way we think, feel, and act. Combined with an everlasting positive approach towards every endeavor a person makes, optimism makes life more zestful […]

How to Apply the Appreciative Inquiry Process (Incl. 5 Tips)

The appreciative enquiry process

Whether in the context of organizations, healthcare, coaching, or in one’s personal life, challenges invariably always surface. The conventional reaction is to coat setbacks in a negative narrative which adopts a deficit-based view and embraces the notion of failure as opposed to that of optimism and improvement. You have perhaps […]

18 Appreciative Inquiry Workshops, Training, and Courses

Appreciative inquiry workshops

Love the idea of using Appreciative Inquiry to transform your organization or community? AI training is one way you can develop your knowledge into practical skills—whether you’re looking to facilitate or simply encourage appreciative mindsets. In this article, we’ve put together resources that cover some background information on certification: how […]

The Research on Appreciative Inquiry and its Fields of Application

appreciative inquiry research

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is an innovative problem-solving approach. Most approaches for problem-solving are rooted in negativity. If we want to improve something, our first thought is to ask what is not working or what is wrong. We start by identifying the problem, analyzing possible causes and then implementing solutions. Organizations […]

4 Appreciative Inquiry Tools, Exercises and Activities

Appreciative Inquiry Tools

Appreciative inquiry is about looking for the best in people - in the way they work, they live, and they behave. Initially, appreciative inquiry (AI) was a “fundamental shift in the overall perspective of organizational development that took into account the entire human functioning - including strengths, possibilities, and success.” […]

What is Appreciative Inquiry? A Brief History & Real Life Examples

Appreciative Inquiry Model

In an unpredictable global business environment, it’s tempting to approach strategy with specific goals already in mind. More often than not, these are problem-focused and aimed at mitigating threats. Businesses commonly focus on what’s not working and adopt ‘root cause’ mindsets, only to find themselves facing a set of different, […]

A Laugh a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


The proverbial phrase “A laugh a day will keep the doctor away” is common in mainstream culture. At first glance, the saying may imply that laughter is a more effective cure than other treatments or medicine. However, it is generally not interpreted so literally. Rather, it is referring to the […]

119+ Appreciative Inquiry Interview Questions and Examples

appreciative inquiry questions

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a strengths-based approach to examining and developing the best in human systems. The approach has a lot of overlap with positive psychology in its focus on what’s working, what’s good, and what gives us life. By virtue of its flexible nature, AI can be applied to […]

What is Instant Gratification? A Definition + 16 Examples and Quotes

What is Instant Gratification? A Definition + 16 Examples and Quotes

Is there something else you should be doing right now? Working on a project? Writing a paper? Putting away that load of laundry that’s been in the dryer for two days? If so, you’re in good company. We all find ourselves distracted from meeting more long-term goals by more enjoyable […]

What is Unconditional Positive Regard in Psychology?

Unconditional Positive Regard in Psychology: Definition + 7 Examples and Techniques

As therapists, counselors, social workers, and other members of helping professions, how can we best help our clients help themselves? As parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors, how can we encourage our children to grow into healthy and happy people with a positive sense of self-worth? These are the questions that […]

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy in Psychology: 10 Examples and Definition (+PDF)

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy in Psychology – 10 Examples and Definition (+PDF)

Have you ever made a prediction about your life that came true? You may not believe yourself to be a fortuneteller, but you've likely found that you can sometimes be surprisingly accurate in your predictions. For instance, you might predict that a project you are working on will turn out […]

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed + Key Takeaways From Dweck’s Book

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed + Key Takeaways From Dweck's Book

You’ve probably heard of this movement before—it’s swept the nation and the world into a newfound appreciation for the potential to be found in hard work. Of course, working hard has always been valued. We know that working hard (and working smart) is a good way to achieve our goals. […]

Learned Helplessness: Seligman’s Theory of Depression (+ Cure)

Learned Helplessness: Seligman's Theory of Depression (+ Cure)

The concept of learned helplessness is a cornerstone of many important theories and ideas in psychology, and it's the basis for several foundational concepts in positive psychology. Even outside the field of psychology, it's pretty widely understood. It provides an explanation for some human behaviors that might seem odd or […]

40 Kindness Activities & Empathy Worksheets for Students and Adults

kindness and empathy

What are the most important traits to encourage during a child’s development? This is an inherently personal question, one that will provoke a wide variety of answers from parents, educators, and researchers around the world. This article focuses on two traits in particular: kindness and empathy. While we won't argue […]

The Upside of Defensive Pessimism: The Potential Benefit of Anxiety

The Upside of Defensive Pessimism: The Potential Benefit of Anxiety

Defensive pessimism is a strategy used by people who are anxious about an upcoming event. While pessimism is often seen as a negative trait, defensive pessimism can be a useful way for someone to harness their anxiety into positive results. This article will walk through what defensive pessimism is, how […]

Positive Psychology and the Mental Hygiene Movement: Key Differences

Differences between Positive Psychology and The Mental Hygiene Movement

Becker & Marecek 2008 established many similarities between positive psychology and earlier social movements, offering slight criticism that positive psychology is not revolutionary. What social psychology predecessors existed? The first that comes to mind is the mental hygiene movement which arose in the early 1900s. While there are some similarities between […]

The Psychology of Willpower: Training the Brain for Better Decisions

Willpower Resilience

In 2011, 27% of the respondents of the Stress in America survey reported a lack of willpower as the greatest obstacle to change. We rely on willpower to exercise, diet, save money, quit smoking, stop drinking, overcome procrastination, and ultimately accomplish any of our goals. It impacts every area of our lives. […]

Learned Optimism: Is Martin Seligman’s Glass Half Full?

Learned Optimism

If you’ve ever taken introductory psychology, one thing that you’re bound to encounter is "the glass." Now, this glass is unique in the fact that scholars and non-scholars seem to wage a fierce debate over the contents of said glass. One side says that this proverbial glass is half empty, […]