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As an affiliate, you’ll get the chance to share products while making a passive income. We support you with the tools you need, and you can earn a substantial commission. What you can expect as an affiliate:

  • 20% of all sales you drive

    Earn income effortlessly. You can earn a substantial commission just by sharing our products in your social network, emails, or blog posts.

  • Generous attribution window

    We give you a long-term attribution window of 365 days. (You still get the commission if someone clicks your affiliate link today but buys the product 10 months from now).

  • Hands-on support

    We provide personalized support, resources and promotional assets—all the tools you need to flourish as a ambassador.

How to get started.

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Earn 20% of the revenue every time one of your referrals makes a purchase and you’ll receive a monthly payout.

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Your questions, answered

Hey there! Our affiliate program is a fantastic way for you to earn some extra income by sharing our products with others. When someone uses your unique referral link to make a purchase, you’ll get a commission. It’s like we’re rewarding you for spreading the love.

Joining our affiliate program is super easy. Just fill out the sign-up form on our website, and once we’ve checked out your application and given it the green light, you’ll receive your unique referral link and access to promotional materials to help you get started.

We offer 20% commission on every sale you make, with no cap. In addition, we have a generous 100-day attribution window.

Commissions are paid on a monthly basis via bank transfer. Please ensure that your payment details are up-to-date to avoid delays in receiving your earnings.

Absolutely! Feel free to promote our products across different platforms like your website, blog, social media, email marketing—even telling your colleagues and friends. Just remember to use your unique referral link and follow our promotional guidelines for the best results.

If you ever need help or have any questions, just reach out to our friendly affiliate support team. They’re always here to help and guide you in making the most of our affiliate program. Your success is our priority.