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How To Become A Counselor: 14 Courses & Online Options

How to become a counselor

You want to help others achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves. You’re committed to working with clients to negotiate changes and challenges. You want to make a positive impact on others’ lives. So - you’ve made the momentous decision to become a counselor, but now what? […]

Career Counseling Resources: 10 Techniques for Your Sessions

Career counseling sessions

Throughout our lives, we are likely to be troubled with questions or experience self-doubt regarding career choices and what to do next. We may turn to friends, family, and even colleagues for advice regarding our lack of career advancement or dissatisfaction regarding our current career path (Nathan & Hill, 2006). […]

Self-Disclosure in Therapy and Counseling: 7 Examples

Self-disclosure in counseling

Sharing personal information with a client during treatment can be helpful or harmful. Self-disclosure is a choice, and its outcome is moderated by the mental health professional's motivation to disclose (Metcalf, 2011). “Deliberate self-disclosure is the psychotherapist’s intentional self-disclosure of personal information to the client” in therapy, including feelings, personal […]

How to Perform Psychoeducation Interventions: 14 Topics


Why? Why? Why? Toddlers’ endless questions, followed by even more questions after every answer, equip them with an understanding of the world around them. We can say the same for psychoeducation. Psychoeducation was originally an approach to educate users of all types of mental health services and their family members […]

40 Counseling Interview Questions to Ask Your Therapy Clients

Counseling interview questions

Empowering your patients and guiding them to realize their inner strengths to deal with life’s difficulties are some of the central goals of counseling. Knowing which questions to ask patients at different points of the counseling process is vital, as your patients will be more inclined to reflect on their […]

Visualization in Therapy: 16 Simple Techniques & Tools

Visualization techniques

Our imagination provides a powerful vehicle for exploring aspects of the self and promoting behavioral change (Thomas, 2016). In sports, visualization is helpful for rehearsal and optimizing performance; in therapy, mental imagery is an instrument for understanding problems and shaping personality (Kremer, Moran, & Kearney, 2019; Thomas, 2016). Visualization, whether […]

14 Career Counseling Tests, Forms, & Questionnaires for Your Sessions

Career Counseling Tests

When looking at job vacancies, how many times have you thought to yourself, 'Is this job right for me?' only to find out it really isn't. It often happens to students starting out on their career path. It may even occur in the middle years when people feel they need […]

20 Basic Counseling Skills to Become an Effective Therapist

Counseling Skills

Effective counseling skills are vital in forming a strong alliance between the client and therapist. When combined, such competencies support clients through treatment and help them reach their goal of overcoming the pressures of modern life and leading a more fulfilling existence (Tan, Leong, Tan, & Tan, 2015). Various counseling […]

25 Counseling Activities to Better Help Adults, Kids, & Groups

The practice of counseling is full of exercises, role-play, and metaphors. By wielding the power of experiential learning and analogy through such activities, counselors can help their clients discover the keys to lasting happiness and wellbeing. As a counselor, there’s no need to develop tools such as these in a […]

17 Best Courses for Relationship & Couples Counseling

Relationship Counseling Courses

Over the course of our lives, we will have countless relationships, some deep and lasting and others fleeting. Maintaining a healthy and satisfying relationship is not always smooth sailing, and most of the time, accountability for relationship problems does not lie solely with one person. Relationship and couples counselors offer […]

Social Work vs Psychology, Counseling, & Occupational Therapy

Social work vs Psychology

A formalized response to the social needs of individuals, communities, and society has existed throughout the centuries. Before the advent of social work as a profession, charitable and religious organizations had to meet the social needs of individuals, communities, and society as a whole. Social work started to develop in […]

Counseling Ethics Code: 10 Common Ethical Issues & Studies

Most counselors have an appreciation for the possibility and diversity of ethical issues, but it's easy to think they’ll never happen to you. Despite their potentially serious consequences, ethical issues are common, and without preparation and reflection, many might be violated unwittingly and with good intentions. In this article, you’ll […]

Military Psychology: Counseling for Soldiers & Veterans Explained

Military Counseling

The military has a varied task force. You don't have to become a soldier; there are many possibilities for more unusual jobs. For instance, there are excellent opportunities for military counselors. The size of the military in the United States is vast. In fiscal year 2020, the U.S. Army counted […]

What Is School Counseling? 14 Roles & Goals of Counselors

School counselor

For many youngsters, school and life in general present an endless list of demands and challenges. From trauma and learning disabilities to bullying and course selection, life can be difficult for students. A school counselor is there to help. The basic role of a school counselor is to support students […]

How to Foster Clients’ Autonomy in Counseling or Therapy

Autonomy Counseling

Personal autonomy is highly valued across the field of healthcare. Increasingly, patients are encouraged to make autonomous decisions regarding their goals and treatment plans (Entwistle, Carter, Cribb, & McCaffery, 2010). Within counseling and therapy, research recognizes that “client’s autonomy should be respected and collaborative engagement fostered” to encourage the therapeutic […]

Defining the Counseling Process and Its Stages

Counseling process

Counseling typically helps bring about change. The process begins with exploring the challenges a client faces before assisting them in resolving developmental and situational difficulties (Sajjad, 2017). The counselor supports clients with physical, emotional, and mental health issues, helping them resolve crises, reduce feelings of distress, and improve their sense […]

What Is Relationship Counseling? Tips for Helping Your Client’s Love Life

Relationship counseling

Relationship counseling is something we all hear about in a variety of contexts. Since relationship counseling is something that is often brought up when a relationship is already in distress, we might assume that it only functions to help couples who are experiencing serious problems. However, relationship counseling in all […]

Career Counseling Training: 9 Certifications, Courses, & Degrees

Career counseling certification

Thinking back to your original decision to pursue your current career, do you remember what influenced your choice? Did you consider the impact that pursuing this career would have on your general happiness and wellbeing? How would you like to help others make the right decisions regarding their future and […]

How to Send & Build Counseling Client Intake Forms Digitally

Intake forms

The intake process is the first part of the journey to positive mental health outcomes for those entering counseling. Done well, it provides a fast track to learning essential information about the patient before their first counseling session (Beck, 2011). While traditional paper intake forms are critical to forming a […]

Top 28 Counseling Books for Practitioners and Beginners

Counseling Books

Are you just starting a career in counseling? Even if you have been in the counseling field for some time, do you want to increase your knowledge? Whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner, books are a resource that will always be available, no matter where you are in […]

What Is Career Counseling? 3 Fascinating Theories Explained

career counseling

Changing jobs every few years or less is increasingly the norm among younger generations. A 2020 Deloitte survey found that 31% of Millennials and around 50% of those from Generation Z anticipate leaving their job within the next two years. Working people are increasingly responsible for carving their own path […]

Financial Counseling 101: Managing Money for Couples & Individuals

Financial Counseling

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘money can't buy happiness?’ If you were given a dollar each time you heard it, by now, you would be very rich. Psychologist Daniel Kahneman (1999) suggested that money does not bring happiness, but the lack of it certainly brings misery. If […]

Why Counseling Is Important: 14 Scientific Benefits of Therapy

Importance of counseling

Counseling is known as one of the greatest helping professions on Earth, yet many people remain perplexed about its true meaning, purpose, and intention. Most likely, the practice of offering counsel to others has always occurred in some fashion within human society. We are relational beings, experience a range of […]

How to Use Silence in Therapy & Counseling


Silence in talk therapy? Silence may seem like a strange concept to highlight in a treatment based around conversation. Still, for anyone who's taken part in a therapy session, you know that silence is a big part of conducting or attending a therapy session. “Silence is golden” may be an […]

Therapeutic Relationships in Counseling: 4 Phases Explained

Therapeutic Relationship

Psychotherapy has been described as a dance, “a synchronicity of the mind and body that occurs between therapist and client” (Schore, 2014, p. 388). Psychotherapy and counseling in general are arenas for authentic, intimate, and unique interactions between a client and a therapist. With over 200 different approaches to counseling, […]

What Is Counseling Psychology? + Training Opportunities

Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychology is an area of professional psychology with strong ties to positive psychology. It is a non-pathologizing, strengths-based approach that can help clients thrive. Although counseling psychology has existed for more than a century, it is perhaps less well known and understood than other disciplines such as clinical psychology. […]

Marriage Counseling 101: Staying Happily Married Through Therapy

Marriage Counseling Therapy

Love. Relationships. Marriage. Such powerful words that evoke meaning and emotion, hopes and dreams, memories, and heartache. Marriage is a culturally recognized union involving a legal, economic, emotional, and physical partnership. But, like all intimate relationships, it can be, well... complicated. Marriage and other committed monogamous relationships involve imperfect, flawed […]

Marriage Counseling Toolkit: 30+ Best Questions and Worksheets

marriage counseling

While research confirms that marriage leads to increased life satisfaction, it is not without its challenges (Boyce, Wood, & Ferguson, 2016). Indeed, according to the American Psychological Association (2020), between 40 and 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. Nevertheless, there are many approaches, often relatively […]

Characteristics of Effective Counseling and Counselors

Counseling, therapy, and psychology are often stereotyped by society with misconceptions and stigma. However, effective therapy, quality counseling, and psychotherapy are about a relationship, developing skills, learning techniques, and improving the concept we have of ourselves and the world around us. Effective counseling helps relieve distress, build resilience, improve self-esteem, […]

What Are SOAP Notes in Counseling? (incl. Examples)

How do doctors or therapists track what is happening with a patient or client from one visit to the next? How do these professionals communicate this information with other professionals also working with the patient or client? Years ago, this type of communication was not easy. It often meant that […]

12 Popular Counseling Approaches to Consider

Looking for a counselor may feel like an overwhelming endeavor, especially for someone already dealing with troubling symptoms, trauma, or loss. The myriad of counseling approaches, styles, and specialties are undoubtedly confusing. With this article, we will guide you through more than 12 popular counseling approaches and consider specific challenges, […]

63 Inspiring Counseling Quotes and Do They Ring True?

Eloquent and meaningful quotes have inspired people since ancient times. Quotes cover a wide range of topics, and many are focused on psychology, wellness, counseling, and the pursuit of happiness. Some quotes are powerful motivators, or in the words of Polish author Tadeusz Borowski, “What a curious power words have” […]

Resilience Coaching and Counseling: 29 Helpful Tools and Techniques

It’s a demanding world out there. Adversity in health, family, work, or any area of your life could be right around the corner. Resilience consists of the mental processes and behaviors that people use to protect themselves from the harmful effects of stressors. It’s the ability to adapt and flex […]

33 Counseling Mistakes Therapists Should Avoid and How to Prevent Them

Counseling has been used to guide individuals toward new insights and coping mechanisms since the beginning of the 20th century. With its widespread use, it is imperative that counseling is performed based on research-supported methods that promote positive client adjustment. Researchers have identified some key behaviors that should be avoided […]

How Do Coaching, Mentoring, and Counseling Differ?

No matter who you are, we can all do with a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on, or someone to shine a light on the path ahead. Fortunately, there are many empathic people who would love to assist us with our challenges, and they fulfill various roles. You can […]

27 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Counseling

Anyone who has had the opportunity to work with a skilled counselor can likely state the personal benefits of the experience. Self-reporting always offers challenges in building empirical evidence. An abundance of meta-analyses has gathered scientific proof that there are similar results across cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and diagnoses. Come along […]

Goal Setting in Counseling and Therapy (Incl. Examples)

Goal setting is important for those who want to improve their life. Setting goals helps you remain accountable for the things you want to achieve. Goal setting is even more important for those in counseling and therapy. Not knowing how to properly set up goals can often lead to failure. […]

Child Therapy: 19 Counseling Techniques & Kids’ Activities

Child therapy is not always easy for parents to discuss. With the stigma of mental health, nobody wants their child to "need therapy," which is unfortunate because therapy can change lives. Whether kids have traumatic issues or are struggling with the brave and simple act of being human, qualified professionals […]

3 Grief Counseling Therapy Techniques & Interventions

Unfortunately, grief is an inevitable, inescapable part of life. We will all lose someone we love at some point in our life—most of us at many points—and the loss can often hit us harder than we expect. If we feel really knocked off our feet or are struggling for a […]

Understanding Empathy: What is it and Why is it Important in Counseling

Empathy is an emotion similar to understanding that people have varying levels of. In this piece, we will discuss the benefits of showing empathy as a therapist, as well as how to show empathy as a therapist. We will also discuss strategies for promoting empathy in people who do not […]