Counseling resources for counselors and practitioners who want to apply the latest positive psychology strategies or ready-to-apply tools.

Motivation Counseling

Motivation in Counseling: 9 Steps to Engage Your Clients

Client motivation is crucial to a successful outcome in counseling and heavily influenced by an underlying perception of autonomy (Ryan et al., 2010). While many [...]

School counselor resources

School Counselors’ Toolkit: Best Techniques, Questions, & Forms

School counselors play a vital role in the welfare of children and the operation of schools, building effective and impactful practices based on lasting trust [...]

How to become a counselor

How to Become a Counselor: 14 Courses & Online Options

You want to help others achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves. You’re committed to working with clients to negotiate changes and [...]

Career counseling sessions

Career Counseling Resources: 10 Techniques for Your Sessions

Throughout our lives, we are likely to be troubled with questions or experience self-doubt regarding career choices and what to do next. We may turn [...]

Self-disclosure in counseling

Self-Disclosure in Therapy and Counseling: 7 Examples

Sharing personal information with a client during treatment can be helpful or harmful. Self-disclosure is a choice, and its outcome is moderated by the mental [...]


How to Perform Psychoeducation Interventions: 14 Topics

Why? Why? Why? Toddlers’ endless questions, followed by even more questions after every answer, equip them with an understanding of the world around them. We [...]

Counseling interview questions

40 Counseling Interview Questions to Ask Your Therapy Clients

Empowering your patients and guiding them to realize their inner strengths to deal with life’s difficulties are some of the central goals of counseling. Knowing [...]

Visualization techniques

Visualization in Therapy: 16 Simple Techniques & Tools

Our imagination provides a powerful vehicle for exploring aspects of the self and promoting behavioral change (Thomas, 2016). In sports, visualization is helpful for rehearsal [...]

Career Counseling Tests

14 Career Counseling Tests, Forms, & Questionnaires for Your Sessions

When looking at job vacancies, how many times have you thought to yourself, ‘Is this job right for me?‘ only to find out it really [...]

Counseling Skills

20 Basic Counseling Skills to Become an Effective Therapist

Effective counseling skills are vital in forming a strong alliance between the client and therapist. When combined, such competencies support clients through treatment and help [...]