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How to Begin Your Self-Discovery Journey: 16 Best Questions


Whether spurred by a milestone birthday, life upheaval, or simply curiosity, many of us will at some point set out on a quest for greater self-knowledge. As part of this process, we must not only search to determine what constitutes our true selves, but let go of objects of identification […]

How to Improve Self-Knowledge: 21 Books, Tests, & Questions

Improve self-knowledge

Building an accurate picture of ourselves that aligns with reality can sometimes seem out of reach. We regularly block unwanted or uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, and are fraught with problems of self-reference and cognitive bias (Ananthaswamy, 2017; Wilson & Dunn, 2004). While introspection may have its limits, there are other […]

What Is Self-Knowledge in Psychology? 8 Examples & Theories

“Who am I?” A simple, yet profound question. Another provocative question is, “Why do I act the way I do?” If you’ve asked yourself similar questions, you are not alone. When we don’t know ourselves or act in ways we don’t understand or aren’t fond of, it may be a […]

Cultivating Reflection Skills: 13 Worksheets & Journal Templates

The art of self-reflection

The art of reflection is an essential element of learning, both inside and outside therapy. While valuable for clients and students, it is equally vital for therapists, coaches, and mental health professionals. Literature across multiple disciplines confirms that reflection serves therapists by improving “learning and performance in essential competencies” (Aronson, […]

What Is Self-Awareness and Why Is It Important? [+5 Ways to Increase It]

Self-awareness is the ability to see yourself clearly and objectively through reflection and introspection. While it may not be possible to attain total objectivity about oneself (that’s a debate that has continued to rage throughout the history of philosophy), there are certainly degrees of self-awareness. It exists on a spectrum. […]

Building Self-Awareness: 16 Activities and Tools for Meaningful Change

Self-awareness is an important skill that we can cultivate to help us progress on our personal development journey, and we could all use a little more of it sometimes.  In our stressful, modern lives, it’s easy to react passively to our environment and fracture opportunities to connect. Possessing emotional intelligence […]

17 Self-Discipline Exercises to Build Your Self-Control Muscle

Every day we deal with distractions, struggle to concentrate, and do our best not to procrastinate. Whether we’re trying to study for a test, lose weight, kick a bad habit, or work toward a future goal, willpower always plays a part. So why do some people ‘stick at it’ so […]

What Is Self-Control Theory in Psychology?

That decadent piece of chocolate smells delicious. It makes your mouth water and stimulates a memory of the last time something so delightful touched your tongue. Yet, you choose to resist the urge to indulge in the impulse because you have a goal of cutting back on sugar. You are […]

21 Tools to Maximize Self-Control and Self-Regulation

Picture the scene: you’re at work, and your boss has just thrown you and your colleague a huge curveball. Your boss needs an urgent report completed right now. While you might feel a sense of panic, you know if you put your head down and work hard, you can get […]

Using Self-Awareness Theory and Skills in Psychology

How self-aware are you? Asking and reflecting on that question is an example of self-awareness. How often do you find yourself engaging in this type of reflection? If you answered, 'not often,' then this article is perfect for you. If you responded, 'all the time!' this article also is perfect […]

22 Self-Actualization Tests and Tools to Apply Maslow’s Theory

Throughout our lives, we go through many different journeys. As we grow older, we move away from our family home and our needs change. Although some of our core needs remain the same, such as a place to live, clean water, and food on the table, our emotional needs develop. […]

16 Self-Concept Questionnaires, Activities and Tests (+PDF)

Take a moment and ask yourself: Who am I? How do you answer such a complex question? It’s tough and one that psychologists have consistently sought to help us with. ‘Self-concept’ might not be a term you’re generally familiar with, but it’s one that’s well worth knowing about. It essentially […]

17 Self-Awareness Activities and Exercises (+Test)

How self-aware do you feel you are? In terms of psychology, self-awareness is often defined as the ability to engage in some kind of reflective awareness. As you develop an awareness of the self, you begin to connect with your own unique identity. As you focus on yourself and start […]

10 Best Self-Awareness Books for Increasing Reflection

How often do you take a moment to reflect on your thoughts and emotions? Have you ever explored the underlying causes of your behavior? Self-awareness drives us closer to ourselves. It lets us gain clarity over our emotions, and helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses that lie within us. […]

19 Best Books on Self-Discipline and Self-Control

Self-discipline goes by many names – willpower, self-control, and self-regulation, to name a few. It helps us stay focused, deal adaptively with distractions, and accomplish what we intend to do, among many other things. Some researchers have linked self-discipline with accomplishment, others with well-being, and still others argue that it’s […]

40+ Benefits of Self-Control and Self-Discipline

For many people, self-control represents a deeply desired; yet, allusive attribute that too often slips through our fingertips. There is a multitude of areas in everyday life where so many of us want to do better. This is particularly evident given the millions of people (including almost half of Americans) […]

Top 11 Benefits of Self-Awareness According to Science

So many humans are walking around this planet unaware of the impact they have on the people around them. Within each of us is a tremendous capacity to affect change. Yet, too many of us simply react to the creations of others. Being self-aware and practicing daily reflection and introspection […]

19 Self-Acceptance Quotes For Relating To Yourself In A Healthier Way

Self-acceptance is perhaps the best gift you can give yourself. Self-acceptance is without condition; it means that you accept yourself as is, flaws and all. It also allows you to freely experience and express a full range of emotions. Unconditional self-acceptance is a valuable quality, as it is linked to […]

What is Self-Regulation? (+95 Skills and Strategies)

Why don't adults always do exactly what we feel like doing, when we feel like doing it? This is a question that you might hear from kids, and it perfectly encapsulates what baffles them about adults. As adults, we pretty much have free rein to do whatever we want, whenever […]

What is Self-Concept Theory? A Psychologist Explains.

Who are you? What makes you “you?” You might answer with “I’m a mother,” or, “I’m a therapist,” or maybe, “I’m a believer,” “I’m a good friend," "I'm a brother." Maybe you answer with, “I am excellent at my job,” “I’m an accomplished musician,” or “I’m a successful athlete.” Other […]

87 Self-Reflection Questions for Introspection [+Exercises]

Have you ever thought about your own thoughts or questioned your mental processes? Do you sometimes take time to clarify your values in a moment of doubt or uncertainty? If you answered "yes," you are no stranger to self-reflection and introspection (terms that will be used more or less interchangeably […]