Self Awareness

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How to Begin Your Self-Discovery Journey: 16 Best Questions

Whether spurred by a milestone birthday, life upheaval, or simply curiosity, many of us will at some point set out on a quest for greater [...]

Improve self-knowledge

How to Improve Self-Knowledge: 21 Books, Tests, & Questions

Building an accurate picture of ourselves that aligns with reality can sometimes seem out of reach. We regularly block unwanted or uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, [...]

What Is Self-Knowledge in Psychology? 8 Examples & Theories

“Who am I?” A simple, yet profound question. Another provocative question is, “Why do I act the way I do?” If you’ve asked yourself similar [...]

The art of self-reflection

Cultivating Reflection Skills: 13 Worksheets & Journal Templates

The art of reflection is an essential element of learning, both inside and outside therapy. While valuable for clients and students, it is equally vital [...]

What Is Self-Awareness and Why Is It Important? [+5 Ways to Increase It]

Self-awareness is the ability to see yourself clearly and objectively through reflection and introspection. While it may not be possible to attain total objectivity about [...]

Building Self-Awareness: 15 Activities and Tools for Meaningful Change

Self-awareness is an important skill that we can cultivate to help us progress on our personal development journey, and we could all use a little [...]

self-discipline exercises

17 Self-Discipline Exercises to Build Your Self-Control Muscle

Every day we deal with distractions, struggle to concentrate, and do our best not to procrastinate. Whether we’re trying to study for a test, lose [...]

What Is Self-Control Theory in Psychology?

That decadent piece of chocolate smells delicious. It makes your mouth water and stimulates a memory of the last time something so delightful touched your [...]

tools for self-control

21 Tools to Maximize Self-Control and Self-Regulation

Picture the scene: you’re at work, and your boss has just thrown you and your colleague a huge curveball. Your boss needs an urgent report [...]

Objective Self-awareness

Using Self-Awareness Theory and Skills in Psychology

How self-aware are you? Asking and reflecting on that question is an example of self-awareness. How often do you find yourself engaging in this type [...]