Positive Communication

Here you will find science-based articles, resources, and worksheets to help others improve their communication skills and better interact with others.

Positive Communication

How to Foster Positive Communication: 9 Effective Techniques

Can you recall a really good conversation you’ve had? What was memorable about it? Was it the topic, the words, or just a feeling it [...]

Communication in therapy

Effective Communication in Therapy & Counseling: 17 Techniques

Positive outcomes from therapy and counseling rely on the strength of the relationship between the mental health professional and the client. Such connections build on [...]

Active listening techniques

How to Practice Active Listening: 16 Examples & Techniques

Are you a good listener? Do you wonder if you could be better? Good listeners can stay present and engaged with what is being said. [...]

Nonverbal communication cues

How to Read Nonverbal Communication Cues: 5 Techniques

While we often consider verbal and nonverbal communication as distinct or even in opposition to each other, they are, in fact, closely entangled. Verbal communication [...]

How to express feelings

How to Help Clients Express Their Feelings & Emotions: 6 Worksheets

Our emotions result from our interactions with the environment and each other, guiding us through the many and varied situations we encounter in life and [...]

Conflict resolution family

Conflict Resolution for Families and Kids: 6 Helpful Worksheets

Families are surprisingly resilient, usually able to withstand and recover from severe conflict between family members and quickly return to familiar interactive patterns (Goldenberg, 2017). [...]

Conflict resolution relationships

Conflict Resolution in Relationships and Couples: 5 Strategies

Conflicting goals, motives, and needs can cause stress in any relationship, particularly a romantic one. While conflict is not uncommon, if left unresolved along with [...]

Empathic listening

How to Improve Your Empathic Listening Skills: 7 Techniques

People are suffering. Social and personal complexities have amplified anxiety and depression, pushing people to their limits. How can we help a hurting person? Beyond [...]

Nonverbal communication

Nonverbal Communication Skills: 19 Types, Theories and Findings

In 1956, sociologist Erving Goffman wrote The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life. In it, he introduces the concept of dramaturgy, which compares everyday social [...]

Team building exercises

12 Team-Building Exercises for Improving Work Communication

As teams grow in complexity, becoming more diverse, dynamic, and dispersed, organizations are searching for ways to improve their performance. Research over the past 15 [...]