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positive aging

Positive Aging: 10+ Principles to Shift Beliefs Around Age

How do you feel about growing old? For some, it’s a scary time filled with change and loneliness. But it doesn’t need to be that [...]


What is Self-Transcendence? Definition and 6 Examples (+PDF)

Self-transcendence: it’s a term you’ve probably heard before. However, if you’re like me, you never had a good grasp on exactly what it meant. You [...]

values clarification

Values Clarification in CBT and Beyond: 18+ Examples & Tools

Values clarification is a technique used in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) that aims to help people understand their value systems. This article will cover what values [...]

Man’s Search for Meaning

What Is the Meaning of Life According to Positive Psychology

Throughout modern history, one of the questions that humans have asked the most is “What is the meaning of life?” “Ultimately, man should not ask [...]

Existential Therapy

Existential Therapy: Make Your Own Meaning

You may have a certain set of assumptions or associations pop into your head when you hear (or read) the word “existential.” Perhaps you think [...]


How to Accept the Impermanence of Life: A Buddhist Take

The one thing we can be sure of in life is that everything changes, often summed up in the familiar phrase, “This too shall pass.” [...]

3 Meaning Exercises Pack (PDF)