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Logotherapy: Viktor Frankl’s Theory of Meaning

As the sun cascades behind the distant mountains, it creates a beautiful array of orange, peach, and pink. When we bask in the glory of [...]

7 Best Books to Help You Find the Meaning of Life

What is our purpose? What aims should we pursue to live a fulfilling life? There is no more important topic than the meaning of our [...]

Core Beliefs: 12 Worksheets to Challenge Negative Beliefs

What are core beliefs, and why do they matter? Core beliefs are our most deeply held assumptions about ourselves, the world, and others. They are [...]

Socratic Questioning in Psychology: Examples and Techniques

The philosopher Socrates is something of an enigma. Condemned to death in 399 BC and leaving no written works, we rely extensively on the writings [...]

Realizing Your Meaning: 5 Ways to Live a Meaningful Life

At some stage of our time on Earth, we might wonder about the meaning of our life. If you have ever had this thought, then [...]

What Does it Mean to Have a Sense of Coherence? (+Scale)

According to Harvard Health, the Sense of Coherence Scale (SOC) is a scale that assesses how people view life and a scale that seeks to [...]

The Four Domains of Schwartz Theory of Values

The 3 Best Questionnaires for Measuring Values

Our values fuel our actions, emotions, and behavior. They are a crucial aspect of significant branches of studies, including sociology, philosophy, education, and psychology. Values [...]

positive psychology podcast

#2 Podcast – Passion, Work, and Money

In this episode, Hugo and Seph talk about their entrepreneurial journey, their passion, and the tough decisions they’ve had to make in order to follow [...]

Success as an Introvert For Dummies

Introvert vs Extrovert: A Look at the Spectrum & Psychology

The concept of extroversion isn’t new, under one heading or another, theories of extroversion/introversion have been apparent in psychological literature for over 100 years. Many [...]

Attributional and explanatory styles

What Are Attributional and Explanatory Styles in Psychology?

How do you view positive and negative life events? Perhaps you blame yourself when faced with failure while never giving yourself credit for the good. [...]

3 Meaning Exercises Pack (PDF)