100+ Positive Parenting Tips, Skills and Techniques

positive parenting tips

To back up the positive parenting tips laid out in this article, all of the research has been discussed in our ‘What is Positive Parenting?’ piece, which provides a highly comprehensive compilation of evidence-based positive parenting techniques. If you’re looking for some more actionable positive parenting tips and techniques, including […]

12 Tips for Coaching Kids: Learn How to Coach Children for Life

coaching kids

For many young people in today’s modern world, the list of demands they find themselves dealing with is endless. From studies at school to managing expectations of their teachers, parents, and friends, to social skills and succeeding with their hobbies, their health, personal development and simply making sense of the […]

What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)?

dbt therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT is an evidence-based therapy that is effective in treating a wide range of disorders. DBT is a recognized form of therapy that is accepted by the American Psychological Association (APA) and the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). In this article, we explain what DBT […]

#2 Podcast – Passion, Work, and Money

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In this episode, Hugo and Seph talk about their entrepreneurial journey, their passion, and the tough decisions they've had to make in order to follow it. Packed with a lot of practical and strategic tips, listening to this episode may inspire you to find and follow your own passion in […]

30 Proven Benefits of Life Coaching & Mentoring

life coach

Life coaching and mentoring are booming fields. They are popular professions worldwide and show no signs of decreasing. Certification programs abound, but as you will read, this is an unregulated field. Certification is not required. Testing and licensing do not exist. Unlike people trained as psychologists or counselors who are […]

ACT Therapy: The Theory Behind Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

ACT Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a mindfully-oriented behavioral therapy that uses an eclectic and humanistic approach to help people fight their demons. It originally developed within the concept of functional contextualism in Relational Frame Theory (RFT), and slowly grew to provide wholesome benefits to individuals in all walks of […]

58 Science-Based Mindful Eating Exercises and Tips

Mindful eating

Mindful eating is not a trendy new diet or simple lifestyle change that is guaranteed to help you shed your extra weight. It’s not about molding your body into a more desirable shape or helping you increase your strength, and it’s not here to tell you what you should and […]

#1 Podcast – Out of Your Mind, Into Your Life

Positive Psychology Podcast

This is the first podcast, where you can join your hosts Hugo Alberts and Seph Fontane Pennock in their discussion on the importance and meaning of (negative) emotions, awareness, and mindfulness. Recommended Resources Allan Watts Explains a Mind in Vicious Circles Eckhart Tolle - How Do We Break The […]