Therapy Exercises

Here you will find articles containing exercises, activities, and interventions to use in your client coaching or therapy sessions.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy|Handbook of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

7 Solution-Focused Therapy Techniques and Worksheets (+PDF)

Traditional therapy has historically been problem-focused. It has analyzed a person’s problems from where they started and how those problems have an effect on that [...]

Positive Psychotherapy

20 Positive Psychotherapy Exercises, Sessions and Worksheets

Positive psychotherapy: the term almost seems self-contradictory. The word “psychotherapy” often evokes images of nerve-wracked patients reclining on couches, a stern therapist with furrowed brows [...]

ACT Worksheets

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy: 21 ACT Worksheets (+ PDF)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a “third-wave” cognitive behavioral intervention aimed at enhancing our psychological flexibility (Hayes et al., 2006). Rather than suppress or [...]


Self-Therapy for Anxiety & Depression (Incl Questions + PDF)

Self-therapy refers broadly to the idea of treating one’s own emotional or psychological problems, without the assistance of a therapist. But what does it really [...]

drama therapy

17+ Best Drama Therapy Techniques, Activities, & Exercises

If you’re like most people, you were probably not familiar with the concept of drama therapy before landing on this page. Drama therapy is an [...]

Writing Worksheets

Self-Expressive Writing Worksheets: A Collection of PDF’s

Self-expressive writing is often used in therapeutic settings where people are asked to write about their thoughts and feelings related to a stressful event. Bottling [...]


What is Psychotherapy: 15 Techniques and Exercises (+PDF)

Psychotherapy is a type of treatment for a variety of mental disorders that has been used in psychology for decades. This article will cover what [...]

Psychodynamic Therapy

What is Evidence-Based Therapy: 3 EBT Interventions

The push towards Evidence-Based Therapy is a movement in psychology that aims to track the efficacy of treatment plans, with the goal of providing clients [...]

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

What Is Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy? (+ REBT PDF)

Albert Ellis noticed a gap in therapy work and hypothesized that the thoughts people have and the way they think could be much more vital [...]

Psychodynamic Therapy: Key Concepts and Techniques

What is Psychodynamic Therapy? 5 Tools & Techniques

“How does that make you feel?” This question is probably quite familiar to you. It is the question most often used in pop culture to [...]