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3 positive psychology exercises

Download 3 Free Positive Psychology Exercises (PDF)

Enhance wellbeing with these free, science-based exercises that draw on the latest insights from positive psychology.

coping skills

10+ Coping Skills Worksheets for Adults and Youth (+ PDFs)

No matter how mentally healthy, resilient, or happy we are, every one of us goes through times when we need to cope with something difficult. [...]


Assertiveness in the Workplace: A Quick Guide

What do you value enough to stand up for? Being assertive will get you what you want without having to dominate or demoralize someone. This [...]

Cognitive Distortions

Cognitive Distortions: 22 Examples & Worksheets (& PDF)

We tend to trust what goes on in our brains. After all, if you can’t trust your own brain, what can you trust? Generally, this [...]

Abraham Maslow

Abraham Maslow, His Theory & Contribution to Psychology

Abraham Maslow was one of the most influential psychologists of the twentieth century. Among his many contributions to psychology were his advancements to the field [...]

Solution-Focused Therapy

What is Solution-Focused Therapy: 3 Essential Techniques

Imagine this scenario: You work at a company that produces widgets. You’re at an important business meeting, and you’re there to discuss some problems your [...]

reality therapy

Reality Therapy: Techniques, Choice Theory & WDEP Model

Needs – we all have them, and we all have many different kinds of needs. Of course, sometimes what we think are needs are actually [...]

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

What Is Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy? (+ REBT PDF)

Albert Ellis noticed a gap in therapy work and hypothesized that the thoughts people have and the way they think could be much more vital [...]

How to Improve Communication

7 Ways to Improve Communication in Relationships

We love connecting with other people because it makes us happy—good communication is the key when it comes to positive social interaction. But what does [...]

Parenthood paradox

Why You Should Have Never Had Kids (If You Want To Be Happy, That Is)

Update September 2019: Wow. It’s been two years since I published this post and the comments are still pouring in. Reading these comments will teach [...]

Psychodynamic Therapy: Key Concepts and Techniques

What is Psychodynamic Therapy? 5 Tools & Techniques

“How does that make you feel?” This question is probably quite familiar to you. It is the question most often used in pop culture to [...]