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3 positive psychology exercises

Download 3 Free Positive Psychology Exercises (PDF)

Enhance wellbeing with these free, science-based exercises that draw on the latest insights from positive psychology.

Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques worksheets

CBT Techniques: 25 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Worksheets

Even if you’re relatively unfamiliar with psychology, chances are you’ve heard of cognitive-behavioral therapy, commonly known as CBT. It’s an extremely common type of talk [...]

DBT Made Simple|Calming the Emotional Storm

20 DBT Worksheets and Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is an interestingly named treatment. If you’re as lost as I was when I first heard the term, then you’ve come to [...]

The History and Origins of Mindfulness –

Here at, we have been discussing several different aspects of mindfulness. We explored various ways to learn about mindfulness, practice it, and even study [...]

Meditation health benefits

23 Amazing Health Benefits of Mindfulness for Body and Brain

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that there are countless ways to apply mindfulness in your everyday life. You have probably also noticed [...]

Resilience Progress

Resilience in Positive Psychology: How to Bounce Back

Resilience in positive psychology refers to the ability to cope with whatever life throws at you. Some people are knocked down by challenges, but they [...]

Learning ACT

How Does Acceptance And Commitment Therapy (ACT) Work?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) encourages people to embrace their thoughts and feelings rather than fighting or feeling guilty for them. It may seem confusing at [...]

gratitude appreciation

What is Gratitude and Why Is It So Important?

When you feel down in the dumps or find yourself in a funk, how do you cope? Do you turn to junk food, self-medication, shopping, [...]

mindfulness books

50 Best Mindfulness Books (Reviews + PDF’s)

Mindfulness books are exploding in popularity in Western culture. Countless resources are now available on the topic, and it can be hard to know where [...]

Seligman’s PERMA+ Model Explained: A Theory of Wellbeing

The pursuit of happiness is one that humans have been working toward since the beginning of time. Yet the concept of “happiness” is often hard [...]

mindfulness-based stress reduction

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: The Ultimate MBSR Guide

We all deal with stress on a daily basis, whether we’re old or young, large or small, lofty thinkers or practical doers. Even the most [...]