PositivePsychology.com Podcast #6 – Nicole Geschwind on Positive CBT

Positive Psychology Podcast 6

In this episode on the PositivePsychology.com podcast, Hugo talks with Positive CBT expert and researcher Nicole Geschwind.

Nicole Geschwind published the world’s first study on Positive CBT. In this podcast, she shares key insights from her research on, and practical experience with, Positive CBT.

You can find Nicole’s publication on Positive Cognitive Behavior Therapy here.


What our readers think

  1. brookstsow

    i love it, very attractive

  2. Justin

    Hi my name is Justin I have my diploma in psychology and am wondering what I can do with that and how to get my PhD or doctorates?

    • Nicole Celestine

      Hi Justin,

      Congratulations on deciding to pursue a PhD! The process for entry to PhD programs tends to differ between universities, but typically programs require that you have some prior experience conducting research, usually via an honors or masters program. I would get in touch with the admissions officers at some universities you might be interested in studying at to confirm these requirements — that’s probably a good first step. 🙂 If you find you need to do honors or masters research first, sometimes the focus of your PhD research can be a continuation of your work in one of these programs.

      Hope this helps!

      – Nicole | Community Manager

  3. Magdalene

    So happy to have listened to learn from you. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Indira Patnaik

    Thank you for sharing the podcast.
    As an educator my work is to develop individual educational plan. Here, Nichole’s deep insights were helpful for me to look my students experiences in a positive way.
    I sincerely appreciate you all.

  5. CoachWynn

    Where can I find the coaching cook book?

  6. Shawna Oliver

    Great podcast. As a Health Coach my sessions do integrate the two concepts discussed.In the beginning of session I always start with a positive comment about the client. This is not artificial in any way as I feel blessed to be with them. We do goal review and I utilize appreciative inquiry, celebrate success in every way . The generative part of session is for whatever the topic they see needs to be discussed. Often it is here where their perceptions mindsets etc arise and mindfulness looms large. End of session goes back to goal setting which is high energy possibility and building capacities! Thanks for all you do.


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