Positive Workplace

Articles about positive psychology at the workplace. How to stay happy, energized and self-determined at work according to scientific research.

Team building exercises

Why Team Building Is Important + 12 Exercises

Team building. Two words that have the power to elicit a collective groan from your staff members. While some find team building exercises thrilling, others [...]

Job Satisfaction Theory

Job Satisfaction Theory: 6 Factors for Happier Employees

The field of job satisfaction is rich and multi-layered, peppered with definitions, concepts, and theories drawn from several disciplines. But why is it important to [...]

Job Satisfaction

What Is Job Satisfaction and Why Is It Important?

Have you asked yourself lately if your job is right for you? Are you aware of what right actually means? Determining whether you are satisfied with [...]

Imposter Syndrome

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome: 14 Tests & Worksheets

Haven’t we all had it? It’s that feeling that we have misled others about our abilities and don’t deserve to be here. Perhaps it’s not [...]

Negative feedback

15 Ways to Give Negative Feedback, Positively (+ Examples)

Negative feedback can be hard to handle and, when poorly delivered, unhelpful. While we have all been on the receiving end of criticism – that [...]

Positive Deviance: 5 Examples Of The Power of Non-Conformity

Like all other forms of life on earth, humans are the sum of countless random inherited mutations. Over hundreds of thousands of years, selected genetic [...]

The Importance of Positive Relationships in the Workplace

The workplace retains a central role in many people’s lives. With lots of people spending more time at work than on any other daily activity, [...]

positive gossip

What is Positive Gossip? + 7 Examples

When you read the words “positive gossip,” what comes to mind? It is difficult to imagine that anything about gossip could be positive? Most of [...]

Positive Organizational Inquiry

What is Positive Organizational Psychology?

Once upon a time, psychologists working in organizations were typically doing so in service of a firm’s bottom line. Today, scholars, psychologists, and practitioners are [...]

What is Job Crafting? (Incl. 5 Examples and Exercises)

What would your ideal work day look like? How would you describe your current job? Is it “another day another dollar”? Maybe “thank goodness it’s [...]

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