Positive Workplace

Articles about positive psychology at the workplace. How to stay happy, energized and self-determined at work according to scientific research.

Positive Organizational Scholarship: The Key to a Positive Workplace

positive organizational scholarship

Organizations are always seeking to increase employee output. But the growing prevalence of workplace stress, burnout, and other work-related maladies shows that maximizing performance can come at a price. Positive psychology can offer a wealth of solutions to our modern work-related challenges, especially when it comes to balancing performance with […]

Positive Leadership: How to be an Authentic Leader

positive leadership

According to Jensen and Luthans (2006), an employee’s perception of authentic leadership is the strongest single predictor of job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and workplace happiness. While there is no single personality trait or attitude that constitutes an "authentic leader," a couple of key traits can help us identify them.  Within […]