Positive Workplace

Articles about positive psychology at the workplace. How to stay happy, energized and self-determined at work according to scientific research.

Assertiveness Training

How to Perform Assertiveness Training: 6 Exercises

A lack of assertiveness can leave you feeling like you are no longer living your own life and are nothing more than a puppet, at [...]

Assertiveness skills

How to Teach Assertiveness Skills in Therapy: 5 Techniques

Assertiveness is a skill we can learn. By getting better at it, we can improve how we communicate, relate to others, and ensure our needs [...]

Workaholic Burnout

Helping a Workaholic in Therapy: 18 Symptoms & Interventions

Have you clocked over 50 hours at work this week? Are you a self-confessed workaholic? As it turns out, working long hours isn’t enough to [...]

Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership: How to Motivate & Inspire Teams

Many leaders are continually on the hunt for fresh ways to motivate their team, increase productivity, and create a supportive atmosphere. A perennial question in [...]

Imposter Syndrome Books

10+ Must-Read Books to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

People from all walks of life feel like an imposter at certain points. As a medical doctor, I’m no stranger to this feeling. It often [...]

Assertiveness in Psychology

What Is Assertiveness in Psychology? 5 Practical Examples

In life, we all seek different outcomes. One employee wants a vacation, another a raise, and someone else wants flexible working hours to spend more [...]

Leadership Assertiveness

Assertiveness in Leadership: 19 Techniques for Managers

Assertiveness describes how prepared you are to stand up for your opinions when someone else wants different outcomes (Ames, Lee, & Wazlawek, 2017). Too little [...]

Measuring Job Satisfaction

7 Best Job Satisfaction Scales, Questionnaires & Surveys

Throughout our careers, our feelings about our jobs change. Sometimes we feel very satisfied, other times we feel incredibly disheartened and unsatisfied. Measuring job satisfaction [...]

Intrinsic Motivation in the Workplace

5+ Ways to Boost Intrinsic Motivation in the Workplace

Some years ago, I worked in a university library to help pay for my studies. I loved being surrounded by books and immensely enjoyed helping [...]

Self-leadership assessment

41 Questions & Assessments for Evaluating Self-Leadership

Gauges, thermometers, controls, and dials – all instruments to check whether a system is working or not. But how does one monitor and report back [...]

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