Positive Education

Positive education is an emerging branch of positive psychology. The aim is to integrate positive psychological practices into the educational system to enhance both learning and wellbeing at the same time.

What is Educational Psychology

What Is Educational Psychology? 6 Examples and Theories

Educational psychology is one of the oldest branches in the field, with roots dating back at least to Plato. Plato believed that learning is based [...]

Educational Psychology Books

Top 35 Educational Psychology Books, Interventions, & Apps

Educational psychology is a problem-solving profession that aims to apply knowledge and theory from psychology to education (Burnham & Phillips, 2019). Optimal outcomes typically involve [...]

Intrinsic Motivation Students

How to Build Intrinsic Motivation in Students: 29 Tools

We all have a teacher in mind when we think of being inspired. They found a way to connect, encourage, and motivate us to be [...]

What is school psychology

What Is School Psychology? Job Description & Brief History

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, signed by almost 200 countries, states that every child has the right to a good [...]

Educational Coaching

A Look at Educational Coaching in the Classroom

Change is known to be a gradual and often difficult process for teachers. When asked what teachers hope to gain from professional development, they prefer [...]

12 Positive Psychology Coaching Certification & Trainings

The professional world of coaching has exploded in the last few years. Now more than ever, people are seeing the benefits of seeking out the [...]

positive eductors

What Is Positive Education, and How Can We Apply It? (+PDF)

All parents want the best for their children. They want their children to be happy and to flourish. They want them to live out their [...]

child mental health

The Importance of Child Mental Health and Happiness

Being a child in today’s world is in some respects far more challenging than years before. Many children find themselves having to navigate an ever-increasing [...]

Positive Psychology Courses

23 Top Positive Psychology Courses for a Fulfilling Career in 2024

Ever been interested in topics such as happiness, hope, strengths, or resilience? Ever wondered about the science behind these concepts, and the now popular trend [...]

phd in positive psychology

How to Get a Ph.D. in Positive Psychology

Lately, we’ve been getting an increasing number of questions from people who want to pursue a PhD program in positive psychology (mostly after having finished [...]

3 Positive Psychology Tools (PDF)