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Saima Latif

Saima Latif, Ph.D., Researcher, Writer, Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, CBT & EMDR Therapist, Coach and Expert Consultant based in the UK.

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Dr. Saima Latif is a writer, researcher, psychologist, therapist, hypnotherapist, Health and Behavioral Change Coach, and expert consultant.

Based in the UK, she has worked with clients from all over the world. Her interests are diverse in all aspects of the human psyche, and her passion is about developing individuals to their full potential.


Work Experience

  • 1998-2010 – Roles of Research Assistant, Research Associate, Research Fellow at Various Research, Academic Departments and NHS Teaching Trusts – The University of Manchester
  • 2007-Present – Independent Psychological Consultant in Private Practice


First- and Second-Author Publications

  • Wilson, C., Alam, R., Latif, S. et al. (2012). Patient access to healthcare services and optimization of self- management for ethnic minority populations living with diabetes: a systematic review. Health and Social Care. 20 (1), 1-19.
  • Latif, S. (2010). Health inequalities for black and minority ethnic groups in the UK: What has been done? Ethnicity and Race in a Changing World. 1 (3), 34-39.
  • Latif, S. (2010). Did you see? A commentary on Worth et al.’s paper (2009) Vulnerability and access to care for South Asian Sikh and Muslim patients with life limiting illness in Scotland: prospective longitudinal qualitative study. Diversity and Health Care. 7(1):67-68).
  • Beaver, K., Latif, S., Procter, D., Sheridan, J. Heath, J., Susnerwala, S., & Luker, K. (2010). An exploratory study of the follow-up care needs of patients treated for colorectal cancer. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 19 (23-24), 3291-3300.
  • Latif, S. (2009) The Condition of Cerebral Palsy. Review and briefing paper. Carmarthen: Cerebra. Available from
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  • Alam, S., Caton, S., McLean, C., Noble, J. and Smithson, J. (1999). Researching Power. IOD Research Occassional Paper.
    • *Previous surname ‘Alam’


Education & Degrees

  • 2016 – Certificate in Performance Coaching – Centre for Coaching and Stress Management
  • 2016 – Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Coaching – Centre for Coaching and Stress Management
  • 2016 – Certificate in Coaching Psychology – Centre for Coaching and Stress Management
  • 2016 – Aviation Psychology: Clinical Skills for Working with Air Crew – British Psychological Society
  • 2015 – Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Course – NLP Centre of Excellence
  • 2015 – Certificate in EMDR Therapy Training – Accredited by EMDR Europe Association
  • 2015 – Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming – NLP Centre of Excellence
  • 2011 – International Personality Disorder Examination – Eclipse Psychological Services
  • 2011 – PTSD and Trauma – Centre for Stress and Stress Management
  • 2011 – Post-Graduate Award in Forensic Psychology – The University of Lancashire, UK
  • 2010 – Forensic Psychology (Distinction) – Open College
  • 2006 – Doctorate in Psychology(Ph.D.) – The University of Manchester, UK
  • 2005 – Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy – London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • 1998 – MA Heritage and Cultural Studies – The University of Salford, UK
  • 1996 – MSc Psychology – Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
  • 1994 – BSc (Hons) Psychology – The University of Bolton, UK


Why Should You Trust What Saima Writes?

Saima is an avid reader, writer and researcher and gets straight to reading and researching anything new, be it in print or word of mouth, to ensure it has integrity. Her writing is always thoroughly researched, to ensure it is credible and not just hearsay. In addition, Saima loves informing others, and it is important for her to educate with the knowledge she has gained.