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Laura Wells

Dr. Laura Jean Wells is a Clinical Psychologist with research experience and a keen interest in writing.

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Laura is a Clinical Psychologist, who is passionate about taking a compassionate and non-judgemental approach to psychological distress, moving away from a medical diagnostic model.

In addition to clinical work, she is interested in psychology outreach, such as blog writing and developing educational resources. She is the creator and author of the Psy Fiction project, which aims to be an educational platform for learning about psychological case formulation.


Work Experience

    • 2019-present – Clinical Psychologist
    • 2016-2019 – Trainee Clinical Psychologist
    • 2015-2016 – Assistant Psychologist
    • 2014-2015 – Therapy Assistant & Research Assistant
    • 2013-2014 – MSci placement student


First- and Second-Author Publications

  • Wells, L. J., Gillespie, S. M., and Rotshtein P. (2016). Identification of emotional facial expressions by male and female observers: Effects of expression, intensity, and sex on eye gaze. PLOS ONE.
  • Gillespie, S. M., Rotshtein, P., Wells, L. J., Beech, A. R., and Mitchell, I. J. (2015). Psychopathic traits are associated with reduced attention to the eyes of emotional faces among adult male non-offenders. Frontiers of Human Neuroscience. 9:552.


Education & Degrees