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This category features all kinds of apps and software solutions that may come in handy for running your private practice, supporting your therapy work with clients, or developing your own professional skillsets.

What is Teletherapy: The Benefits of Online Therapy and the Best Software to Use


For most people, we understand the benefits and sometimes the necessity of seeking out therapy. It can be a rewarding and valuable experience, helping us to overcome challenges and barriers in life we might not be able to face on our own. Unfortunately, seeking out therapy is still something many […]

What is E-Therapy? A Definition, Reviews, and How It Works


E-therapy potentially offers all the benefits of conventional face-to-face counseling at a fraction of the cost. It’s convenient, widely available, and advancing along with technology, but how does it work? As internet-based therapy becomes more popular and widespread in its practice, we look at what it is, what’s involved, and […]

What is Telepsychology and What Software to Use


Thanks to the digital age and technology, psychologists can now reach more people than ever before, especially those that are isolated. Some people are reluctant when it comes to seeking out and consulting with a psychologist. Utilizing something like telepsychology can significantly reduce this fear and improve access to quality […]
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