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This category features all kinds of apps and software solutions that may come in handy for running your private practice, supporting your therapy work with clients, or developing your own professional skillsets.

Best Apps for Therapists & Psychologists to Use With Clients

Apps for Psychologists

As any experienced psychologist knows, clients tend to make most of their progress outside the therapy room, not in it. Therefore, it’s essential to equip your clients with versatile tools and techniques they can draw on in daily life to practice applying interventions in the context of real-life stressors and […]

CRM for Coaches: Best Client Management Apps and Software

CRM Software

One comment we’ve heard from coaches in the positive psychology community is around the lack of suitable tools for managing clients’ personal details and communications. It may be feasible to track this information manually when you’re just starting out by using a spreadsheet. However, as your practice grows, the time […]

How to Send Out Online Exercises and Homework in Therapy

Therapy Exercises

No matter the branch of psychology you apply, most clients will benefit from homework or take-home exercises during the therapeutic relationship. In fact, in some treatments, homework is the primary means by which clients see changes and progress toward their goals (Kazantzis & L’Abate, 2005). Therefore, it’s essential to make […]

Using Online Coaching Tools to Scale Your Practice

Online coaching tools

Scaling your coaching practice entails developing and supporting new and existing clients. Sustaining growth means committing more of your time or adopting an alternative way of working that increases focus where it’s most needed: on your clients. For the already time-crunched coach, your finite resources are precious. However, an online […]

Mobile Health Apps: Providing Better Care to Patients in 2021

Mobile health apps

Luckily, it was during an era of rapidly advancing technology that the COVID-19 pandemic hit. While the outside world was put on hold and life stood still, individuals, communities, and organizations could still connect in modified ways. Through Zoom and Skype meetings, FaceTime, and various other modalities, loved ones could […]

Sending Homework to Clients in Therapy: The Easy Way

Homework is an essential part of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT; Beck, 2011; Mausbach, Moore, Roesch, Cardenas, & Patterson, 2010). Successful therapy relies on using assignments outside of sessions to reinforce learning and practice newly acquired skills in real-world settings (Mausbach et al., 2010). Up to 50% of clients don't adhere to […]

Best Life Coaching Software & Platform to Start Using Today

With online coaching continuing to grow, technology now plays a crucial role in building relationships with clients (Lungu, Jun, Azarmanesh, Leykin, & Chen, 2020; Lungu, Boone, Chen, Chen, & Walser, 2021). Digital tools offer alternatives to in-person sessions and new opportunities to scale coaching, while handling communication and knowledge sharing […]

Artificial Intelligence in Psychology: 5 Revolutionary Examples

Artificial Intelligence in Psychology

The first chatbot, ELIZA, was created by MIT’s Joseph Weizenbaum as long ago as 1966. Named after Eliza Doolittle from George Bernard Shaw's play Pygmalion, this early conversational software imitated a psychotherapist (Weizenbaum, 1976; Mullins, 2005). While its intelligence was limited, simply rewording patients' phrases as questions, Eliza proved incredibly […]

How to Design Psychoeducational Interventions With Quenza

Psychoeducational Interventions in Practice

Every mental health practitioner knows how vital psychoeducation is in therapy. As a critical element of any treatment plan or care pathway, educating clients about relevant psychological concepts has always been an essential way for therapists to paint a complete picture or give context to any wellness journey. But as […]

Exploring Online Counseling and Software for Your Practice

Online Counseling

The future is upon us, particularly in how we provide counseling. Since the dawn of psychology, geographical obstacles have been a hurdle for effective counseling. Throughout the decades, many mental health practitioners used technology to overcome geographical distance to reach their clients. This has included letter writing, telephone counseling, and […]

What Is Virtual Reality Therapy? The Future of Psychology

Virtual reality therapy

Imagine treating soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in a combat situation rather than an office. In 2012, the U.S. Naval Medical Center in San Diego, California, did just that – albeit virtually (Aldhous, 2012). Soldiers were immersed in digital simulations of combat; the experience brought back to life through […]

20 Top Coaching Podcasts Coaches Should Listen To

coaching podcasts

Coaches, like all professionals, benefit from being part of a community. Sharing experiences, discussing lessons learned, and exchanging techniques strengthen knowledge and build expertise (Cox, Bachkirova, & Clutterbuck, 2018). Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience under your belt, some podcasts can help you develop your business […]

20 Best Therapy Podcasts to Inspire Practitioners

best therapy podcasts

While psychotherapists come from many different backgrounds and practice in various settings, they all benefit from initial and ongoing training. Podcasts provide a valuable and reliable resource for gaining new insights into the field of psychotherapy. Easy to stream or download and listen to on the go, interviews and talks […]

19 Helpful Coaching Apps and Software to Upgrade Your Practice

Using apps and software designed for coaches can be a simple and smart way to digitize your business, improve work efficiency, and deepen client engagement. Like the coaching field, software specially designed for this industry is a growing market. New apps promise to help everyone feel less anxious, sleep better, […]

8 Best Positive Psychology Podcasts to Give a Listen

Using a purely unscientific approach, and not considering download numbers or even reviews, here is a brief list of positive psychology podcasts that will: Make you laugh Teach you about yourself Teach you about other people Help you experience awe and wonder Help you question what you believe you already […]

What Is Mobile Therapy and Is It Effective?

Mobile therapy is a relatively new concept involving the use of smartphones or text messaging to deliver treatment for certain psychological conditions. Through wearable tech and digital apps such as mood trackers, coaching programs, and connected monitors, people can use mobile therapy to successfully manage anxiety, grow resilience, and get […]

17 Best Online Coaching Programs, Software & Tools

Operating in the wild west of psychology as an applied positive psychology coach can sometimes feel like you’re forging through the unknown with only your certification in your wagon of supplies. Yet, if you’re working solo, you’ll quickly discover the need for flexibility and a growth mindset to navigate branding, […]

What Is Video Therapy and How to Apply It

It is a regrettable truth that many clients face barriers to accessing effective therapeutic treatment. Individuals living in remote areas with limited or no transportation and those isolated due to mobility issues are just two examples of clients who may find it challenging to access the professional support they need. […]

17 Telemental Health Resources for Practitioners & Patients

You might be wondering what the heck “telemental health” is; however, if you’ve ever heard about “telehealth,” then you’ll probably have a good idea of what it is. Just as telehealth refers to health care services provided from a distance—whether through online messaging, telephone, or video chat—telemental health is mental […]

What is ‘Blended Care’ and How Does it Work?

Too busy to drive to the therapist? Looking for a cost-effective way to treat anxiety, depression, or...hoarding disorder? Blended care is one potential option for people who have limited access to conventional face-to-face counseling, offering lower costs, less time commitment, and greater flexibility for the patient. So what is blended […]

What is Teletherapy & The Benefits of Online Therapy

For most people, we understand the benefits and sometimes the necessity of seeking out therapy. It can be a rewarding and valuable experience, helping us to overcome challenges and barriers in life we might not be able to face on our own. Unfortunately, seeking out therapy is still something many […]

What is E-Therapy? A Definition, Reviews, and How It Works

E-therapy potentially offers all the benefits of conventional face-to-face counseling at a fraction of the cost. It’s convenient, widely available, and advancing along with technology, but how does it work? As internet-based therapy becomes more popular and widespread in its practice, we look at what it is, what’s involved, and […]

What is Telepsychology and What Software to Use


Thanks to the digital age and technology, psychologists can now reach more people than ever before, especially those who are isolated. Some people are reluctant when it comes to seeking out and consulting with a psychologist. Utilizing something like telepsychology can significantly reduce this fear and improve access to quality […]