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The Positive Psychology Toolkit© is CPD-friendly and will give you:

✓  More ways to help the people you support

  More time to spend with the people you support

  Deep expertise in the field of positive psychology

✓  Practical, validated tools to develop your practice

  The capacity to grow your business by extending what you offer



The Positive Psychology Toolkit contains more than 350 exercises, activities, interventions, questionnaires, and assessments.

It’s designed for people who are passionate about using positive psychology methods to help improve the lives of others.

It’s created by a team of experts, in collaboration with the world’s top universities, organizations, and researchers.

And it’s updated every month with the very latest in positive psychology thinking, science, and practical tools.


   This toolkit is the best positive psychology resource out there! It’s incredibly rich, structured, easy to use, and is going to save me hundreds of hours of work. I am beyond grateful that something like this has finally been created!

Emiliya Zhivotovskaya | Speaker, CEO of the Flourishing Center

  This toolkit is a tremendous resource for the growing array of positive psychology practitioners who are interested in applying the latest tools. In addition, this toolkit is an outright goldmine for practitioners inside of the positive psychology field or brand new to it. 

Ryan M. Niemiec, Psy.D | Education Director of the VIA Institute on Character




The Positive Psychology Toolkit is an online resource environment designed by qualified professionals for those who want to put positive psychology into practice: 

Therapists | Coaches |  Trainers 

Psychologists Healthcare professionals

HR Managers



    My client is a company which was in the process of closing a manufacturing plant. Understandably, the staff were in a very negative state, unable to concentrate at work in their remaining months and starting to feel the ill-effects of the stress and uncertainty in their home relationships. Despite plenty of company support – such as retraining, career guidance and job skills support – things remained very negative.

So I produced a 12-part series on resilience for the staff, with short videos and worksheets, including a range of exercises adapted from The Positive Psychology Toolkit. The results have been wonderful. The HR manager tells me that for the first time in six months people are starting to smile again, that great teamwork is returning and that the culture has shifted back to being more productive and positive. Importantly, the staff are now feeling more optimistic about their prospects in new roles, which is helping them have better outcomes in their job search, and in their home lives too.

This work makes my heart sing! Thank you for a great toolkit that helped me make this happen for these beautiful people. I plan to keep up my subscription indefinitely.

Catherine Bell | Director of Bell Training Group


You will get access to the following tools in printable PDF-format:

  • 220 Positive Psychology Exercises
  • 28 Positive Psychology Assessments
  • 25 Positive Psychology Meditations
  • 15 Positive Psychology Metaphors
  • 12 Positive Psychology Overview Resources
  • 46 Positive Psychology Interventions
  • Monthly updates (5 or more new tools each month)
  • Membership of the community of professionals and peers.

From regular value: $807 USD/year
For price: $360/year


We want you to love The Positive Psychology Toolkit as much as we do. But if you decide that it isn’t right for you, for any reason, simply tell us within 7 days of joining and we’ll be happy to refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

100% satisfaction. 0% risk. And that’s guaranteed.

Limited-Time Bonus #1:

[Mini-Course] Mastering Positive Psychology

You will receive access to the Mastering Positive Psychology mini-course complimentary with your purchase of the Positive Psychology Toolkit.

This mini-course will teach you the essentials of positive psychology 2.0, while providing you with an intuitive metaphor to apply it in real-life settings.

Watch the video to hear what other people have to say about the metaphor introduced in this course.

Regular value: $150 USD
Complimentary this week.



Bonus #2:

Strength-Based Coaching Package

For a limited time, you’ll get access to the Strength-Based Coaching Pack, free with your Toolkit subscription. 

It’s a high-quality, ready-to-go resource packed full of tools and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to apply the science of strength-finding in their coaching, training, or teaching.

✓  19 Science-based tools & exercises for realising strengths

✓  Add strength-based practice (SBP) to your professional repertoire

✓  Strategies to help others discover their character strengths

Regular value: $250 USD
Complimentary this week. 

Bonus #3:

2 Free Coaching Manuals

As a bonus, you’ll receive the Coaching Set. The set is made up of two professionally-designed positive psychology coaching manuals; one for you as a practitioner and a workbook to share with your clients or students.

These manuals will help you help your client discover what a valuable life looks like to them and give them a roadmap to their desired outcome through awareness, behavioral change and coping strategies.

The Coaching Set usually costs $47 but if you subscribe to The Positive Psychology Toolkit today you’ll receive it as our welcome present.

Regular value: $47 USD
Complimentary this week.



We’ve designed The Positive Psychology Toolkit to be ultra-user-friendly, but if you have any questions at all, our Customer Support Team will be delighted to help. They’re friendly, effective and made of 100% human.

Craig and his team are waiting to help you. Simply email or if you prefer a face, we love to Skype. 


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    Start choosing and using a wealth of positive psychology resources in less than five minutes.


    Is the Toolkit a box of resources, a membership, a subscription, a community or what?

    Good question and here’s the answer: The Positive Psychology Toolkit is all of those things! It’s a private online community of positive psychology practitioners and enthusiasts who subscribe annually to have access to a wealth of resources and a team of positive psychology experts, and the ability to network and swap notes with each other.

    What themes does the Toolkit cover?

    The Toolkit covers the whole of the positive psychology field so the subject matter is wide-ranging, but you’ll recognise themes such as: communication, compassion, coping, emotions, goals, gratitude, meaning, mindfulness, mindset, resilience, savoring, self-acceptance, strengths and values.

    How often are new tools added?

    We love to do the research for you, so we work with universities, organizations, and researchers around the world to find and add the latest scientific tools. We add from five to ten new tools each month, so you’ll always have the latest positive psychology thinking at your fingertips.

    How can the tools be adapted?

    The tools can be adapted for the self, individuals, groups, teams and for different client groups such as children, young people, employees, women, or men. You are free to use your own experience and expertise to adapt the tools to your own particular scenario.

    Can I use The Positive Psychology Toolkit on myself?

    Certainly! The Toolkit includes loads of tools that you can use to improve your own life and develop yourself.

    Who created the Toolkit?

    The Toolkit was designed, built, and is still being expanded, by a team of seven positive psychology academics and practitioners, with the help and expertise of some of the top researchers in the field.

    It’s an initiative of, a collective dedicated to the power of positive psychology to improve lives in homes, offices and communities everywhere. It was founded by Dr Hugo Alberts and Seph Fontane Pennock.

    What currency is the price in?

    The price is in US dollars $ (USD).

    What do I get for my membership?

    You get:

    • Instant access to The Positive Psychology Toolkit, a resource 271+ of positive psychology tools.
    • Monthly updates to the Toolkit – new tools are added each month.
    • The right to use all the intellectual property contained in the Toolkit in your own practice and teachings. You are free to download and use any of the exercises.
    • Support of our team of positive psychology experts: got a question? Just ask.
    • Access to a community of peers to network with.
    Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes, of course, but there’s a time limit if you’d like a refund. You’ve 30 days from the start of your subscription to decide whether the Toolkit is right for you. If you decide it’s not, simply tell us within the first 30 days and we’ll refund your subscription 100%. Please note that after 30 days the subscription is non-refundable. 

    Who is The Positive Psychology Toolkit for?

    The Toolkit is for anyone who wants to learn about, use or teach positive psychology in their personal or professional life. It’s popular with coaches, trainers, teachers, HR managers, organizational development specialists, consultants, leadership specialists and students but anyone can benefit from it.

    Are the resources in The Positive Psychology Toolkit based on scientific evidence?

    The vast majority are, yes. Every resource in the Toolkit has an icon that indicates whether it has been tested at least once in a scientific study and published in a peer-reviewed journal. We always include references and credits for each tool.

    The Toolkit also contains some resources where scientific review isn’t necessary; for instance, a beginner’s guide or an overview of a particular positive psychology theme.

    The Toolkit developers are academics with both a scientific and experiential background.

    Is the Toolkit useful if I’m not actually a practitioner but I’m interested in positive psychology?

    Yes, absolutely. The Toolkit contains resources suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about positive psychology.

    Does the Toolkit include tools for working with children or young people?

    The exercises and interventions aren’t designed specifically for children or young people, or any particular client group, but you can adapt any of the tools so that they are suitable for your specific situation.

    Can I freely distribute these tools?

    You’re free to download these tools in PDF-format and print them for your personal or professional use, such as in a coaching or classroom setting. You’re not allowed to publish these tools publicly.

    In which languages is the Toolkit currently available?

    The Toolkit is currently available only in English.

    Can I pause my subscription?

    Yes, of course. If life happens and you find you can’t use the Toolkit, then simply pause your subscription through your Positive Psychology Toolkit account. Your account will stay on hold until you’re ready to use it again. When you’re ready to use it, simply let us know. For instance, if three months into your subscription you find you can’t work for a year, pause your subscription, and when you come back, you’ll still have nine months’ of Toolkit to enjoy until your subscription renews.


      A groundbreaking all-in-one practitioner resource, the Positive Psychology Toolkit contains decades of relevant research and practice. Armed with the Toolkit’s science-based exercises, interventions, assessment tools and down-to-earth advice, you’ll be well prepared to handle the issues thrown up by the real world. I recommend the Toolkit to all my MAPP students and trainees in positive psychology coaching.

    Ilona Boniwell, PhD | Founder of the European Network of Positive Psychology (ENPP)