The Crisis Kit: 5 Tools to Help Clients Through Turbulence

The Crisis KitA note from the team here at, concerning COVID-19…

Like many of you, our hearts are heavy with concerns for the global community’s wellbeing.

We believe that now, more than ever, positive psychology can really help lift others up.

That is why we have decided that we will do everything in our power to help you help those you care for.

We have created a brand new resource, The Crisis Kit: 5 Tools for Helping Clients Through Turbulent Times, containing five of the most relevant, science-based tools to help you help others navigate turbulence and uncertainty.

You can download it here, for free:

For one tool, Eye of the Hurricane Meditation, we have also included a guided accompaniment.

You can download the audio file here

or listen to the YouTube version here.

Upon opening the PDF, you will find the following tools:

  • Eye of the Hurricane Meditation
  • Dealing With Uncontrollable Circumstances
  • The Unwanted Guest
  • Window of Tolerance
  • My Resilience Plan (The Four S’s)

These are some of the best tools we know of for helping people to:

  • Use their mental resources well
  • Connect to a place of inner peace
  • Become aware of factors within and beyond personal control
  • Practice acceptance-based coping
  • Remain calm and composed in the face of stress

We hope that through this resource, you can find more ways to be of help to those you care about.


What our readers think

  1. Heather-Susan

    Thank you for the tool kit

    • Nicole Celestine

      Hi Heather-Susan,
      No problem at all. Hope you find it useful!
      – Nicole | Community Manager

    • Lori

      I was asked to give a 30 minute presentation for my work (Texas Tech Health Science Center- counseling contracts only) on anything that might be helpful to myself and my coworkers. We do this once a year for all of our counseling contract employees. We work at a psychiatric hospital prison dealing with crisis management. Could I present your Crisis Kit, as is, with reference to your site…of course? It has helpful tips that can help our patients!

      • Nicole Celestine

        Hi Lori,

        Yes, of course — feel free to share this resource in your presentation with a mention of our website 🙂

        – Nicole | Community Manager

        • Lori

          Thank you and blessings! I will site your website. This will be so helpful, much appreciation!

  2. anisha dhingra

    Thank you so much for sharing these activities, they worked great when combined in imaginaries, art therapy or CBT. they have been helping a lot of clients, and you deserves the blessings for making change in their life.

  3. Kevin Richardson

    The Crisis Kit is very helpful! Thank you.

  4. Ana Sofia

    Thank you very much for this. It is indeed a great help during this trying time in our lives.

  5. Joanna Pantazi

    Thank you so much for this toolkit, so much appreciated 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Ana Paredes

    Thank you and excellent resource which I will use with my group, they are newcomers from all over the world.

  7. Mariam

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Daksha

    Thank you for sharing. I plan to digest and then share with my team of 40

  9. Juan Rafael Hernandez Palmer

    Thanks for your coherence in this social and health crisis. Thanks for share.
    From Mexico. La alegría de compartir la alegría de vivir.


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