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Tiffany Sauber Millacci, Ph.D.

Dr. Tiffany Sauber Millacci is an educator as much as she is a learner who has an intense desire to help others.

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Tiffany Sauber Millacci, Ph.D., is an educator for both university students and elementary-aged students. She is a continuous learner who seeks facts through research and is beginning her professional career in writing.


Work Experience

  • Nov 2020-Present – Resource Teacher, Barstow Unified School District
  • Nov 2020-Present – Online Course Facilitator, University of the People
  • Aug 2017-Nov 2020 – Behavior Focus Teacher, Cedar Rapids Community School District
  • Oct 2015-Jul 2017 – Special Education Teacher, Barstow Unified School District
  • Oct 2013-Nov 2013 – Online Course Facilitator, University of Phoenix
  • Jul 2007-Oct 2015 – Special Education Teacher/Special Education Chair, Hawaii Department of Education


First- and Second-Author Publications

  • Millacci, T., Kane, J., and Martz, K. (in process). A qualitative descriptive study on parent perspectives regarding the individualized education program process. Disabilities Studies Quarterly.
  • Dissertation: “A Qualitative Descriptive Study on Parent Perspectives on Collaboration and Inclusion in the IEP Process.”
  • Thesis: “Bi-Dialectism.”


Education & Degrees


A Personal Message From Tiffany

My intention is to inform the reader and elicit wonder in hopes that the reader will continue with the research and create their own conclusions while positively influencing others around them.

– Tiffany


Why Should you Trust what Tiffany writes?

Tiffany’s work is supported by in-depth, quality research and presented straightforwardly. She uses her diverse experiences in education and travels as a military spouse to provide a relatable framework in her writing.

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