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Susan Heitler

Susan Heitler, Ph.D., currently lives in Israel where she leads workshops for therapists in individual and marital therapy skills.

linkedin Susan HeitlerDr. Susan Heitler, a private practice clinical psychologist for 45+ years, has authored five books. As a blogger, her over-300 blog posts have garnered over 22 million reads.


First- and Second-Author Publications

  • David Decides About Thumbsucking: A Story for Children, a Guide for Parents (link)
  • From Conflict to Resolution: Skills and Strategies for Individuals, Couples, and Family Therapy (link)
  • The Power of Two: Secrets to a Strong and Loving Marriage (link)
  • The Power of Two Workbook: Communication Skills for a Strong & Loving Marriage (link)
  • Prescriptions Without Pills: For Relief from Depression, Anger, Anxiety, and More (link)
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A Personal Message From Dr. Susan

Learning the communication and conflict resolution skills that sustain cooperative relationships sets you up to enjoy a maximum of life’s blessings.

– Dr. Susan


Dr. Susan’s website provides more information concerning her publications.


Why Should You Trust What Dr. Susan Writes?

By implementing the skills that she writes about in her own life, she is confident that they truly do yield results. The skills have enabled her to enjoy personal wellbeing, a highly successful professional career, and at the same time, to raise a loving and thriving family.