Sam Littlemore, Ph.D.

Dr. Sam is a child psychologist who trains teachers in child behavior and mental health issues and also travels as a keynote speaker.

Work Experience

  • As an academic Dr. Sam worked as a Teaching Fellow and Lecturer and has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for her work with children.
  • As a consultant, Dr. Sam worked for the Department of Education (Anti-Bullying Alliance), for the Crown Prosecution Service, with National Youth Advocacy Service, ChildLine and the NSPCC on research projects, with schools all over England as a trainer and with families as a clinician.
  • Worked clinically in the diagnosis and assessment of autism.
  • Dr. Sam is also a practitioner who has worked with vulnerable defendants in court and taken referrals from the MoD.
  • Dr. Sam has run child behavior support clinics in Harley Street – London, Stafford, and Manchester.
  • Dr. Sam continues to train school staff and travels the country as a keynote speaker.


First- and Second-Author Publications

  • Bishop, S. (2000) “WEBCHAT 2000” –  qualitative research report and conference evaluation commissioned by ChildLine
  • Bishop, S. (2003) “A Community-based Approach” – qualitative research report commissioned by Young Voice & Birmingham Children’s Fund
  • Bishop, S. (2003) “Impact of Divorce” – qualitative evaluation commissioned by Young Voice
  • Bishop, S. (2003) “The Development of Peer Support in Secondary Schools” – The Journal of Pastoral Care & Personal/Social Education 21, 27-34
  • Bishop, S. (2003) “Young People Generating a Repertoire of Counselling” – Counselling Psychology Quarterly 16, 95-103
  • Bishop, S. (2003) “A Discursive Analysis of Training for Peer Support in Secondary Schools” – Ph.D. Thesis, Nottingham Trent University
  • Boulton, M., Trueman, M., Bishop, S., Baxendale, E., Holme, A., Vohringer, F, Smith, S & Boulton, L. (2007) Secondary school Pupils’ Views of their Peer Support Counselling for Bullying Service. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research 7, 188-195.
  • Bishop, S. (2007) “Journeys 2 Children and Young People Talking about Bullying” – Qualitative data commissioned by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner
  • Bishop, S. & Coxhead, J. (2010) “Early Intervention Really Does Work” – Secondary Education Issue 246 pp 7-9
  • Bishop. S. (2012) “Advocacy Helpline NYC” – commissioned by the National Youth Advocacy Service. Successfully supported the National Lottery Funding application.
  • Bishop, S. (2014) “Boundaries of Mind and Self”, in Stevens, P. (Ed.) “Understanding our place in the world” (The Open University Press)
  • Littlemore, S. (2015) Girl Bullying: Do I Look Bothered?Amazon
  • Littlemore, S. (2015) Controlling The Pack with Fear and Threats – The Alpha Female’s Role In Bullying. Teach Primary.
  • Littlemore, S. (2020) (accepted) Unexpected Transitions – Young People’s Experience of Lockdown & How School Can Respond. Independent Schools Magazine (May, 2020)


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A Personal Message From Dr. Sam

If we focus today’s early interventions and the development of healthy coping strategies on children and young people, we can reduce the mental health issues of tomorrow.

– Dr. Sam


Dr. Sam’s website provides more information concerning her publications.


Why should you trust what Dr. Sam writes?

Dr. Sam is passionate about her work, evidence-based theory and moving that theory into practice in the real world.

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