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Melissa Madeson

Dr. Melissa Madeson, Ph.D., is a Licensed Professional Counselor at Kaleidoscope Behavioral Health in Flower Mound, TX, an adjunct professor, yoga therapist, and an accomplished writer.

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Melissa believes in a holistic approach to mental health and wellness and uses a person-centered approach when working with clients.

Currently in a full-time private practice, she uses her experience with performance psychology, teaching, and designing collegiate wellness courses and yoga therapy to address a range of specific client needs.


Work Experience

  • LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor): Kaleidoscope Behavioral Health
  • Associate Professor: Hardin Simmons University
  • Yoga Therapist: Fit & Faithful Wellness


First- and Second-Author Publications

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Why Should You Trust What Melissa Writes?

Melissa believes that evidenced-based research should support education and the information we share. While personal experience and opinion are valid and have a place in writing, objectivity is crucial as an educator and therapist.