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Kori D. Miller is an enthusiastic life-long learner pursuing a master's degree in Educational Psychology from Ball State University.

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Kori D. Miller is an enthusiastic life-long learner pursuing a master’s degree in Educational Psychology from Ball State University. Her specializations are in neuropsychology and positive psychology.


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What She Teaches

Ardent Path specializes in teaching people how to achieve their goals by changing their behavior. This includes, but is not limited to, teaching the fundamentals of habit formation, emotional contagion, positive emotions, resilience, mindsets, self-determination, and strengths use. Following the three P’s – plan, persist, and prosper in all endeavors paves the way for success.


Who She Serves

I believe that change happens one person at a time. My focus is on establishing and nurturing client-centered, one-to-one relationships that allow me to meet my mission. Ardent Path accomplishes this through three pathways: individual coaching in person, via the internet, or phone; group facilitation that includes opportunities for follow-up coaching; and, public speaking engagements on topics related to fulfilling my mission. I seek business relationships with medium-large size government and private organizations in the healthcare and education industries, as well as with individuals desiring to learn how to create and maintain lasting behavior changes.


Who She Is

I’m a habit change expert who can assist you in identifying the habits that are holding you back from fully realizing your goals. I’ve also worked with government and non-government organizations to implement a variety of programs related to customer service, hiring, training, and team-building. With more than twenty years of experience working in learning and development, I bring excitement, enthusiasm, and a “can-do” attitude to every project I tackle. Additionally, I’m an accomplished author and speaker who loves Thai food, NY style pizza, lightly-salted white popcorn, and dark chocolate-covered caramel.


A Personal Message From Kori

My mission is to help you achieve your goals one bite-size step at a time. I love digging into the research behind the “why” of things big and small, and then figuring out how to help others use that information to achieve their goals.

You can find more of Kori’s publications on her website.

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