Chompoo Chimes, B.A., Honours

Chompoo Chimes, B.A., Honours, is a coach in communication and Psychology for well-being.

chompoo chimes linkedinChompoo Chimes has completed her Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology and Social Science from Mahidol University. She loves to study people and also follows her passion for the arts in public performance through music, song and in motivational speech making.

She occasionally works as a motivational speaker for educational institutions in Thailand and implementing strength and virtue as the core of the speech. She has taken part in numerous motivational speaking conferences, coaching, laughter therapy workshops, and Changing Life with Positive Thinking project which became the best-selling book ‘Nang Yang Lang Jai’.

Chompoo has enthusiasm for positive psychology and interests in the topics of Laughter, Mindfulness, Resilience, and Achievement. Currently, Chompoo is one of the team members in website and writes an article about positive psychology weekly.



Honors Degree in Bachelor of Arts, majoring Social Science, Minor in Psychology from Mahidol University


Coach in Communication and Psychology for Well-being

Conducted own training with the use of Science and Art of Psychology for leading educational organization in Thailand (Teach for Thailand). Crafting the skills of communication and promoting well-being to more than hundreds of gifted youngster ranking from primary school to university students. Developed the skills of Storytelling and research content strategies for doing marketing both online and offline. Manage changes in concept, key ideas, purpose, schedule, and cost for each project Advanced leadership skills and inspired the participants. Acquire insights in the field to maintain the quality of training for the best outcome. Inspired the next generation to flourish.


Guest Speaker in ASEAN HR & Talent Strategy Conference

At QC People Management, Chompoo has explored the issues of gender equality as the panelist in the discussion of “Gender Parity: Breaking the unconscious bias” to argue about the concerns of gender including pay parity gap, the challenges in career path and the strategies to support more recognizable of women in leadership position. Worked with HR professionals from leading organization in Thailand to gain insights into the role of HR to foster millennial in the organization. Sharing the implementation and principles of positive psychology to promote more engagement in the workplace and help boosting positive emotion to help employee flourishing.

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