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Catarina Lino

Catarina Lino, MAPP, is a psychologist, positive psychology coach and yoga teacher.

linkedin Catarina LinoCatarina Lino thrives on supporting people in the unfolding of their unique potential, wisdom, and courage.


Education, Titles & Degrees

Executive Masters in Applied Positive Psychology
University of Lisbon
2015 – 2016

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada
2011 – 2015

200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Medicine


A Personal Message From Catarina

As a Positive Psychology coach, writer, teacher and life-long student of behavioral sciences, I both witnessed and experienced many of the challenges that keep people stuck, living below their abilities and aspirations.

Based on my academic knowledge, my own research, and experience, I root my work in the transformative power of curiosity, mindfulness, emotional agility, and self-compassion. My approach combines the most recent breakthroughs in neuroscience with insights from ancient contemplative practices to bridge the gap between potential and performance.

I strongly believe that the inner workings of a brave, meaningful life can be learned and practiced. And that a coaching partnership accelerates the process of creating the conditions and environment that facilitate the manifestation of our expansive nature. It is my commitment to support every aspect of that process, and help you create and live your best life.

My work has been featured in numerous publications including Men’s Health, Observador, Público and I have been a guest speaker and teacher at world-renowned Wanderlust.