Here you’ll find articles that explain the theory behind positive psychology concepts, give useful insights and describe important research findings.

Adam Grant’s Give and Take – a Short Summary

adam grant

Adam Grant is known as being the most popular full-time professor at the Wharton School. His popularity has gone far beyond educational institutions, as he managed to win accolades from Business Week and even Malcolm Gladwell. Apart from being one of the best writers and sociologists of today, Grant has […]

32 Mindfulness Trainings, Courses, Programs, Workshops & Degrees

mindfulness training

Mindfulness interventions, like positive psychology itself, are focused on bettering peoples’ lives no matter what their situations are. As positive psychology is interested in increasing the well-being of all people, it makes sense for positive psychology to include mindfulness interventions. Here is an overview of mindfulness training programs around the […]

Positive Nutrition: How to Improve Well-Being Holistically

positive nutrition

One of the main goals of positive psychology is to increase well-being in all aspects of a person’s life. Well-being is measured and identified through different factors such as motivational, relational, emotional, and more. Some of the factors that play into someone’s physical well-being include diet, exercise, and body image. […]

Carl Roger's Actualizing Tendency: Becoming Who You Want to Be

“Actualizing tendency” is a term describing an inherent tendency within ourselves to grow and reach our full potential. This is an a priori theory which depicts a fundamental construct of human nature—that we are all born with the ability to do great things and develop into the best versions of […]

Positive Psychology Theory in a Nutshell

Differences between Positive Psychology and The Mental Hygiene Movement

  Positive psychology complements traditional psychology's focus on pathology. It studies strengths, virtues, and the factors that contribute to a full and meaningful life.  "Probably the biggest insight is that happiness is not just a place, but also a process. Happiness is an ongoing process of fresh challenges and . . […]

3 Ways to Use Positive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) With Teens

Using Positive CBT with children and adolescents

Positive cognitive behavioral therapy, or positive CBT, is a strengths-based approach with positive psychology roots. The focus is not on what's wrong with the client, but on what is right with them. A positive CBT practitioner focuses on building a client's strengths and uses strategies that clients can use to help cope […]