Science of Happiness

Happiness and well-being in Positive Psychology. What is the science of happiness? How can you improve your well-being? Read more here!

Positive Psychology Coaching and Life Coaching: How Do They Differ?

Positive psychology versus life coaching

If you’ve ever asked yourself how positive psychology and life coaching differ, you’re definitely not alone. Brief definitions don’t distinguish between these two very different approaches towards well-being. What is even more surprising than their marked differences is how powerful positive psychology and life coaching are when used together. In […]

Positive Psychology Degree: 13 Opportunities For Eager Students

The science supporting positive psychology has sparked a huge increase in degree programs. It makes sense: when we understand the "why" of positive human functioning, we can unlock whatever beliefs block us from our greater potential. "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."  […]

Subjective Well-Being: Your Life, Your Happiness

subjective well-being

Asking the question, "Am I living a fulfilling life?" is an essential part of being human. The answer to the age-old question is based on one's subjective well-being (SWB), which is completely particular to the individual in question. There are no set guidelines for how to develop a higher level […]

Happiness & Well-Being Coaching with PERMA

Life coach using PERMA Model

In coaching settings, it can be extremely helpful to work from a theoretical framework or model. These can be used to guide clients through their thought-process and explore the various aspects of the model. These models can also change how coaches relate to the client’s experience, which leads to deeper […]