Creativity is one of the 24 signature strengths of the VIA framework and defines the virtue of wisdom and knowledge – more specifically ‘applying knowledge’. It’s defined as the ability to think of new and productive ways to achieve goals. In this category, you’ll find articles on life goals, strengths, mood charts, journaling, positive mindset and so on…

87 Self-Reflection Questions for Introspection [+Exercises]

Introspection in Psychology: 87 Self-Reflection Questions, Exercises & Worksheets

Have you ever thought about your own thoughts or questioned your mental processes? Do you sometimes take time to clarify your values in a moment of doubt or uncertainty? If you answered "yes," you are no stranger to self-reflection and introspection (terms that will be used more or less interchangeably […]

40 Kindness Activities & Empathy Worksheets for Students and Adults

kindness and empathy

What are the most important traits to encourage during a child’s development? This is an inherently personal question, one that will provoke a wide variety of answers from parents, educators, and researchers around the world. This article focuses on two traits in particular: kindness and empathy. While we won't argue […]

What is Awe? A Definition And 3 Ways To Live An 'Awesome' Life

3 suggestions for a truly AWE–some life awe experience

Each of us is the protagonist of our own life. Our aims and goals feel like the most important things in the world. However, for most of us, time feels scarce and as a result, accomplishing everything we want to can feel unattainable. But every now and again, a moment […]

The Positive Psychology Of Creativity (+3 Exercises to Try)

Boost your creativity

It doesn’t take long to find a link between Positive Psychology and creativity, and the body of research connecting well-being and creativity is constantly growing. A quick look at the VIA framework reveals creativity to be one of its 24 signature strengths. More specifically, creativity is one of the character […]