Beliefs That I Hold And Live By

beliefs that I hold and live by I believe that nothing is ours forever.

The watch you wear, “your” house, “your” books,

it is only yours while you are alive.

There is no true ownership.

That is why we have all these rules creating the illusion that there is.

A hard truth does not need to be backed up.


I believe our biggest problem is that we don’t want any problems.

Or that we would be happy without them.

I ask you.

What would you do if you could not solve problems?


I believe eating and drinking too much are signs of emotional distress and they need to be taken seriously.

Things turn out badly if you drink too much.

No need for scientific references here, this fact has been carved into many a soul.

I also believe that values you don’t live by are not values, but ideals.

That is why I quit drinking.

A side benefit of this is that it showed me who my real friends are.

It’s simple:

Real friends are people you don’t have to get drunk with.


I’m not a religious man but I don’t mind if others are,

for that would be religious too.


I told my psychologist I am not spiritual.

She laughed out loud, and I healed.

She laughs every time I say something that is so obviously untrue.

She laughs a lot.

I like that kind of therapy. It is very genuine and uncomplicated.


I love being in the ocean by myself

I get excited when the big waves come and hope I always will

I feel insignificant every time a wave smashes me into the sand

I love feeling insignificant

It is an effective way of escaping my own consciousness

My bewildering ambition and manifestation anger


I love the things I hate because they determine who I am

Self-discovery provides me with a sense of direction

And one needs direction

Because there is only one thing worse than not having a choice.

Having a choice.

So by all means, limit your own choices by your values,

by the things you love and the things you hate.

You can always determine what you want by determining what you don’t

There is no shame in not wanting some things in your life.

There is only shame in misliving.


Sometimes I feel lost for no reason

That’s when I drive to a gas station

Watching the cars go by

All those lives, all the laughter, all the tears

I’m drinking coffee and I watch

This ritual soothes me


Sometimes I entertain the thought

that everyone who listens to me listens only

so that I can speak and hear myself

and discover what I think and feel

I am saying nothing new

And everyone is doing me this huge favour


I feel grateful for being alive every day

If the universe is happy to give me one more day, well, so am I

So am I

About the Author

Seph Fontane Pennock, BBA, is the co-founder of Seph strongly believes that we can deal with most of life’s absurdities by leveraging human connection and challenging ourselves, instead of using dogma or pharmaceutical drugs.


  1. Suraiya Jabeen

    Dear Seph,
    Thank you so much for the Positive Psychology.I have decided to continue studying psychology, especially positive psychology and am taking admission in this Fall classes. Your guidance is like Divine guidance.
    All the best for you, who cares so much for so many searching souls.

  2. Ozzy

    Thank you.

  3. omran

    Dear sir
    Thank you very much for sharing these positive points. I hope that I can enjoy more relaxation and mental health by using these tips in my life. And I wish you happiness and peace of mind and satisfaction for you.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Sanaz

    That note is really nice
    Thanks for every thing steph

  5. Emmanuel Baddoo

    Extremely touching. Love you for the work you’ve been doing. Thanks!!!
    Pray for more successes in your life.

  6. Eyo Asuquo

    Very inspiring thoughts! Yea, we must not always expect to be happy. Being overly happy does not necessarily mean there is presence of SWB

  7. Okezie From Nigeria

    Thank you sir. You are not just a prolific writer but seriously touching lives especially in solving psychological issues .

  8. Corinne

    Thank you Sph for opening your heart and sharing with us. It is Wonderful. As Brenee Brown would say:”what’s make you vulnerable makes you BEAUTIFUL” and that’s so true with you.

  9. N. Wisky

    So true! Thank you Seph for sharing and all the best for the New Year.

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