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Seph Fontane Pennock, BBA, is the co-founder of Seph strongly believes that we can deal with most of life’s absurdities by leveraging human connection and challenging ourselves, instead of using dogma or pharmaceutical drugs.


  1. Simona Adina


    The article 83 Benefits of Journaling for Depression, Anxiety, and Stress
    By Courtney E Eckerman is SPOT ON

    I’m 51
    Began Journaling when I was 17 because I was a
    1. Loner
    2. Depressed person (didn’t know it then – diagnosed Bipolar by a psychologist who I sleeked help from…..didn’t work out…long story)
    3. Had a disassociated Personality – stemmed from childhood ( had emotional abandonment disorder – from my mom leaving me at 4 years old for 4 years –

    I’m Eastern European and was brought up in a household where you don’t talk about your problems so I began to write because I had no one to talk to, I discovered all this through writing in a Journal for over 28 years – And I self- healed.

    I combined my disassociated personalities accidentally through a practice I had never heard about prior to doing it called MINDFULLNESS – but this MINDFULLNESS EXPERIMENT came about from journaling –

    My Journaling took many type of forms

    * Poetry – ( Came through me in a Rushing Outpour – I can not write poetry now to save my life)
    * Self- Help Note taking
    * Dialogue from favorite Movies – Usually deep ones dealing with Artist’s Biographies
    * Spiritual Undertones

    This Last One – Spiritual Undertone – I felt it through my writing – Not right away
    For most of my life I wanted to die -because the emotional pain was very overwhelming
    The Journal Was My Best Friend – it helped ease the Pain
    When I’d write things such as I’m a loser – I never do anything right
    There would be answers back with my own pen ( At the time I didn’t reflect on it – never did) such as You’re more than you know. A conqueror of Life . A Power to be reckoned with

    Messages Like that ( If you are a Depressed Person – You know that there’s no way that you can have such feelings off low self worth and in the next line be able to pump yourself up

    So there is a SPIRITUAL FORCE that begins working through you when you start asking and Probing WHO AM I ? I was obsessed with this because I was going crazy with my disassociated personalities. And abscessed with figuring out my PURPOSE in life. While I was going through this obsessive quest I couldn’t understand why it was that I was so abscessed with it – in the end I figured out it’s because it’s a CALLING – A SPIRITUAL CALLING – and once I accepted it and began working towards it I felt fully whole and at peace

    The only time I’m not at peace within myself is when I seriously say within ” I GIVE UP – THIS IS TOO HARD”

    My CALLING? Put out a 4 Voulume Series – MEMOIR of my 27 YearJourney –

    My 1st Book done – I’m working on applying my Editor’s suggestions

    Sorry for the messy writing – thought jumping

    If anyone wants to contact me – I’m living proof that Journaling works
    It saved my life / helped me discover my Purpose

    Simona Adina


    • Nicole Celestine

      Hi Simona,

      Thank you for sharing the phenomenal impact that journaling as had on your life — that’s amazing!

      Best of luck with your upcoming book.

      – Nicole | Community Manager

  2. Claudia Ira Gan

    Thank you so much for the resources! It’s enormously valuable and very much appreciated!

    • Nicole Celestine

      Hi Claudia,

      So glad to hear you found the materials valuable. Thanks for reading!

      – Nicole Celestine | Community Manager

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