5 Positive Psychology Podcasts: Our Favorites to Learn From

positive psychology podcast

“Wisdom is not the product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”

– Albert Einstein

Are you a fan of podcasts? Do you like to use your time to workout on the treadmill and learn new topics?

If you turn to “the purple app” while doing house chores or driving, then these podcasts might just enrich and change your life.  

Here are 5 positive psychology podcasts where you can learn about positive psychology in a fun and engaging way.

We hope you enjoy.

1. The Psychology Podcast

Scott Barry Kaufman hosts one of our all-time favorite podcasts called The Psychology Podcast. Kaufman is a published researcher in the field, professor at Barnard, and scientific director of the Science of Imagination Project. His multiple angles establish him as an expert in the field.

The episodes are not exclusively about positive psychology; they also cover current trends and historical foundations in psychology. Guests appear often on his show, including Shane Lopez, Ryan Holiday, Cal Newport, Tom Rath, Mark Man, and Barry Schwartz.

Because of his own background in cognitive psychology, Kaufman offers a unique perspective in areas like introversion and extroversion, intelligence, creativity, high performance, narcissism, and many other topics. 

Download the app or find it here.

2. Optimize with Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is a modern day philosopher and entrepreneur. He reads hundreds of books and teaches about the science behind optimal living.

If you need something practical to inspire you, this podcast is for you. Sample episodes include subjects like how to grow your grit, rationalize optimism, and increase your influence on others.

By focusing on one aspect of positive psychology, Johnson provides a detailed overview of how to aspire to your greatest potential, but realistically so. 

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3. Live Happy Now

Brought by the editors of Live Happy Magazine, this podcast distills the research behind a happy and meaningful life. What makes life more enrichening and how can we create bubbles of inclusion and support? 

It features dozens of interviews with positive psychology researchers like Sonja Lyubomirsky, Barbara Fredrickson, Tipper Gore, and Tal Ben-Shahar. Recent episodes included titles like “The Happy Film” with Stefan Sagmeister and “Getting Zen with Your Dog” with John Miller.

Each episode is well-researched and engaging, with topics around positive education, raising confident and creative kids, resilience, and many more. 

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4. Making Positive Psychology Work

“Could kindness help your work community flourish?” asks one of the episode titles on this podcast. If you want to hear more, subscribe below to Michelle McQuaid’s podcast.

As a workplace professional and best-selling author who teaches about corporate well-being, McQuaid has lots of knowledge to disperse. She interviews positive psychology experts like David Zeitler, Marie McLeod, Ilona Boniwell, and James Pawelski. 

With explorations in neuroscience, organization psychology, life coaching, and social work, each episode offers a unique glimpse into creating workspaces where everyone thrives

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5. The Positive Psychology Podcast

This podcast by Kristen Truempey reviews everything from more effective communication to the psychological affects of running and exercise.

Whether you are an academic or practitioner in the field, or anyone wanting to better their own lives, this podcast is for you.

As a contributor to this blog, Kristen enriches the discussion of topics around the psychology of money, minimalism, habits, self-compassion and more. 

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