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    Hi, I am currently interested in marketing my relatively new Positive Psychology coaching practice. I have rented a booth/table at a local business networking event, and I need to provide a brochure of my services, as well as some kind of fun interactive idea to gain attention and engage potential clients. Does anyone have any examples of a brochure or marketing “piece” you use for your practice? Also, any ideas of a brief survey or something I can offer to quickly engage potential clients regarding the opportunities for positive psychology? Many thanks! Kelly Reznikoff, M.A. in Psychology, located in Connecticut, USA

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    Hugo Alberts

    Dear Kelly,

    I never used flyers for my company, but I do know a good resource for the design of flyers:
    You can buy beautiful designs for your flyer for very little money. I believe it is important to show people that you run a professional business and good graphic design is a powerful way to do this.

    Regarding the survey; it depends on what you are focussing on with your coaching. If you are into strength spotting, you may ask people to list their top 5 strengths. Most people are unaware of these and the confrontation with this can be a nice trigger for them to dive deeper into this topic. You can also provide some research findings showing that people who use their strentghs are more engaged and motivated at work.

    Was this helpful? Please let me know,

    All the best,

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