Hi, I'm Lindsay, a therapist from Portland, OR and fairly new to PP

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    Hi there,
    My name is Lindsay and I’m a therapist in Portland, Oregon and trained in CBT. This past year I’ve been exploring and incorporating PP into my practice and am so thrilled with this direction. I have always loved my work and adding in PP techniques takes it to another level. I’m curious about what PP techniques other therapists are using that they find especially helpful for their clients experiencing significant anxiety.

    Another path I’m interested in is how therapists transition into more of a life coaching role. Has anyone in this group made that transition?

    I’m looking forward to learning more here,

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    Hugo Alberts

    Hi Lindsay,

    Welcome! I think cbt and positive psychology are highly compatible at many levels. Have you heard about the book “Positive CBT”?


    I would really love to hear more about how you incorporate pp tools into your cbt practice because I believe that it is something that is relevant for many clinicians.

    Please let us know if there is anything we can help with.

    All the best,

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