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    My name is Donna, and I’m a home health registered nurse. I’ve spent the last several years using positive psychology to better myself as a nurse, wife, mother, and person in general. I see daily the struggles people have with health care and believe they want to help themselves but they just don’t know how. I can give them health information all day long, but until they believe they have the power within themselves to make changes, those changes will not happen. So I am hoping to learn how to teach others how to utilize their own positivity and create the changes they want and desire.

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    Hugo Alberts

    Hi Donna!

    Thank you for being with us. I recognize the problem you are describing here. We can talk a lot about positive psychology and try to convince people to see their own beauty, but it is hard if not impossible. I think this has everything to do with the difference between knowing and experiencing, the mind and the heart. When we try to convince people, we often do this by means of arguments. We enter ‘their minds’. But the real problem lies in their feelings.

    From personal experience, I know that one of the most powerful ways to help people is to inspire them. Meet hem ‘where they are’. Connect with them in the pain they have. Acknowledge their feelings and ask yourself; what does this person need the most in this moment? Can I be what this person needs so that he/she can resonate with that part of me? For instance, if you see people that struggle accepting themselves, can you allow this person to fully be as he or she is in this moment?

    What do you think about this?

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    I agree with this 100%. Being accepting allows them to open up more and allows them to decide for themselves which changes to make. It is always more successful when they think of the solution themselves – no matter how small or big the change may be.

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